X-Men Officially Transforms an Iconic Hero into the Anti-Thanos

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  • Storm’s journey in Resurrection of Magneto #1 confirms her status as the Avatar of Life in the Marvel Universe, making her a formidable opponent for the likes of Thanos.
  • As an Omega-level mutant, Storm’s powers are limitless, and her relentless fight to protect life makes her a major player in the cosmic scale of power.
  • Storm’s new status as the Avatar of Life solidifies her importance in the Marvel Universe and establishes her as one of the most important characters within the hierarchy of power.



Warning: SPOILERS for Resurrection of Magneto #1In the cosmology of the Marvel Universe, the monster known as Thanos has spent the majority of his heinous history as the Avatar of Death. Chosen as Death’s champion, he tormented the universe in her name, in many ways unstoppable as an ordained cosmic force. But there’s one fan-favorite member of the Uncanny X-Men who has always been synonymous with power who is now officially Thanos’ opposite – the Avatar of Life.

Resurrection of Magneto #1 by Al Ewing, Luciano Vecchio, David Curiel, and VC’s Joe Sabino sees the X-Men icon known as Storm traveling to the afterlife in search of her old ally, Magneto. On her journey, she encounters Ashake, her sorcerous ancestor from ancient Egypt.

Cautioning her descendant against rash action, Ashake admits, “Still, you are an Avatar of Life – even here in the lands after.” And while fans already know that Storm is one of the X-Men’s heaviest hitters, this declaration dramatically cements her status in Marvel’s cosmic scale of power.

Storm’s New Asgardian Look Proves She’s Always Been a True Goddess

Thor may be the God of Thunder, but the X-Men have a goddess of their own, and she’s proven once and for all that she’s just as worthy of being Thor.

An Avatar of Life Is Desperately Needed

MCU Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet and Adam Warlock

Existing as a universal check against the works of an Avatar of Death like Thanos or the Magus, the role of Avatar of Life has been held by the likes of intergalactic entities like Adam Warlock, and even Drax the Destroyer. Now, declaring Ororo as an Avatar of Life tracks with her less cosmic history. After all, Storm has always fought ferociously to protect life at any cost. And with her sheer power, she makes a formidable threat for any Avatar of Death unfortunate enough to cross her path – even Thanos himself.

As an Omega-level mutant, the upper limits of Storm’s abilities are impossible to define. She’s spent most of her life as a hero and is considered by many to be a Goddess – a sentiment shared by Thor himself. But there’s a far cry between being one of the Earth’s most powerful heroes and being a major player within the tapestry of the Marvel Universe. And with her status as the Avatar of Life making her Thanos’ de facto opposite, it’s clear that Storm is more important than many may have realized.

Storm Is Considered A Goddess For A Reason

Storm of the X-Men using her powers over the weather.

Storm has long been one of the most important X-Men and one of Marvel Comics’ most important characters. Now, her new status as the Avatar of Life confirms she’s just as important to the hierarchy of power within the Marvel Universe as she is to the readers. And if the Mad Titan Thanos is ever unlucky enough to face off against the weather-based powerhouse of the X-Men, he’ll find that Storm is the most dangerous Avatar of Life he’s ever faced.

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