X-Men ’97 Steals the Spotlight at Marvel

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Marvel Comics revealed a brand-new Russell Dauterman wraparound variant cover for X-Men ’97 #1 — the first issue of the official prelude comic series to the upcoming Marvel Studios animated series of the same name.

Per Marvel, the X-Men ’97 comic, written by Steve Foxe and drawn by Salva Epin, was created in collaboration with the showrunners of the upcoming Disney+ series. X-Men artist Dauterman’s first-issue variant cover, which dynamically depicts the iconic team in action, celebrates the impending launch of the prelude comic series. The story will reveal what Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Jubilee, and the rest of the beloved cast have been up to before their return in Disney+’s X-Men ’97. The prelude comic promises more mutant drama, shocking new developments, and exciting character introductions.

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Variant cover

X-Men ’97 #1

  • Written by STEVE FOXE
  • Art by SALVA ESPÍN
  • Cover by TODD NAUCK
  • Variant Cover by RUSSELL DAUTERMAN

The X-Men ’97 #1 wraparound variant cover is an updated version of fan art Dauterman himself drew several years ago, which gained Marvel’s attention. “X-Men: The Animated Series was everything to me as a kid and sparked my love of the X-Men and comics. I wouldn’t be a comic book artist without it,” he revealed. “This piece is based on an X-Men: The Animated Series fan art I did a decade ago—the fan art that got me hired at Marvel. Now it’s completely redone as an official cover to celebrate the new show. Absolutely thrilled to do this piece, and can’t wait for ‘97,” Dauterman shared.

X-Men ’97 Writer Discussed the Upcoming Prelude Comic Series

Foxe credited the X-Men: The Animated Series with motivating him to write comics, “There’s a very good chance I wouldn’t be writing comics today if not for the impact X-Men: The Animated Series had on me as a kid — heck, the voice actors from the show are still the voices I hear when I read the comics today,” he said

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“Getting to reunite with my X-Men ’92: House Of XCII collaborator Salva Espín on this official prelude to X-Men ’97 has felt like a bucket-list project a lifetime in the making, and Beau (DeMayo) and the rest of the ’97 team gave us a fantastic runway to come up with our own original tale that feeds right into what viewers will get to experience in the new season,” Foxe added.

Marvel Comics’ X-Men ’97 #1 will arrive in comic book shops on March 27, 2024.

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