Wolverine’s 10 best love interests ranked

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Wolverine is recognized as a fighter and a protector. He’ll do whatever he can to protect himself and all of mutant-kind in Marvel Comics. He’s also known for being in a lot of relationships. This isn’t shocking. Logan’s over a century old. In that time, he’s been around the universe and back. It would make sense that he’s been involved with a lot of people.

Despite his angry demeanor and lack of shaving, people have fallen in love with the X-Men legend. Unfortunately, all but a few of his relationships have ended tragically – some of them via death because someone is always ruining his life (I’m looking at you, Sabretooth and Romulus).

Let’s look at his best ten relationships and what made them great. As this list goes on, you’ll notice that there aren’t many superpowered people on this list. 

If there’s a list of women Wolverine has loved, Rose has to be mentioned. Granted, calling Rose a love interest may be a stretch. She didn’t feel the way the young James Howlett did; her heart belonged to Smitty. Nevertheless, she was still someone Logan was interested in. More than that, she was the first woman he’d ever loved. She’s also the reason he loved red-haired women and was the first woman to die because of his rage.

Honorable mentions: Mystique, Native, Viper

Alternate reality romances: Hercules, Elektra, Maureen

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