Tom Brady, a prominent sports psychologist, asserts that the power of simple mindset changes is what leads to remarkable success.

Everybody starts somewhere, no matter how successful.

Take, for example, Tom Brady. This is from the book Stay Sane in an Insane World, by Greg Harden,

The Daily Stoic podcast by Ryan Holiday and Billy Oppenheimer’s newsletter.

The University of Michigan's freshman year saw him rank seventh on the depth chart. His first game passing performance was a touchdown ball that went intercepted.

He was so insignificant as a sophomore that he only had to do two reps per practice.

Feeling demoralized and frustrated, he contemplated changing schools. He initially conversed with coach Lloyd Carr.

Brady protested that the other quarterbacks receive all the reps.

Don't worry, Carr told us the other players were doing their jobs. You can concentrate on the starter,

second man, and others. Your actions are of no importance to you.