Gabrielle Union: She Didn't Get a Role Because of Her Looks Gabrielle Union recently reflected on a time when she missed out on a significant role,

not because of her talent or experience, but solely because of her appearance. As we celebrate Gabrielle's 51st birthday,

Netflix's Strong Black Lead released an interview in which the award-winning actress shared her experience of being turned down for a role because the other actor was considered "prettier" than her.

Although Gabrielle Union didn't reveal the specific project or the name of the actor who secured the role over her, she shared a valuable life lesson she learned from this disheartening experience.

Recalling the incident, Gabrielle Union explained, "Years ago, I was up for a big job,

and after numerous callbacks and studio tests, it came down to just the two of us.

She was then told that she didn't get the role because "She's just prettier than you." For someone who struggles with low self-esteem, 

this experience left her feeling as though there was no place for her, for her unique kind of Blackness.