Adele respects 'unquestionably fearless' Matthew Perry during Las Vegas show

English vocalist musician Adele stopped her Las Vegas show to honor entertainer Matthew Perry,

who was found dead Saturday in the hot tub of his Los Angeles home at age 54?

I'll recall that person until the end of my life, the star said of Perry's Companions character Chandler Bing to cheers from the crowd at the Colosseum at Caesar's Royal residence,

the site of her continuous Vegas residency. "He's likely the best comedic character ever.

Adele spruced up as Morticia Adams for the Halloween weekend execution,

stopped to respect Perry while presenting her melody When We Were Youthful around 66% through her set,

as she managed the crowd to gather the most loved cherished, lifelong recollections from participants.

One of my companions Andrew when I was, similar to, 12 did the best Chandler impression, the vocalist reviewed from the stage.

He would do it all as an opportunity to make us chuckle and in the event that any of us were having a terrible day or feeling low he would simply claim to be Chandler. Adele,