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  • Norman Reedus was surprised and impressed by the
    Death Stranding 2
    trailer and found new meaning in certain lines.
  • Reedus described the complexity and scale of the world, expressing that some elements are still mysteries for him.
  • Other actors involved in the game, such as Elle Fanning and George Miller, also had positive reactions to the trailer.



The newest trailer for Death Stranding 2: On the Beach is a fascinating window into the game, and it seems like star Norman Reedus shares that sentiment. As the actor who lends face, voice, and motion capture to the role of Sam Porter Bridges, Norman Reedus has one of the most direct windows into the world of Death Stranding that anyone besides director Hideo Kojima himself can boast. When it comes to the PlayStation State of Play trailer for the game, however, it seems like Reedus was in for some surprises of his own.

Reedus’s reaction to the Death Stranding 2 trailer was revealed in a new video from the official Kojima Productions YouTube channel, in which Kojima and company present a series of reactions from several key Death Stranding 2 actors. Reedus is the first up, and he opens it with a simple “Wow” before starting to break down some of his thoughts about the trailer.

Interestingly, he references a couple of key lines in the trailer as finally having meaning to him, as apparently both “We didn’t mean to string you along” and “We kept you in the dark” previously lacked context. His reaction starts at 26:14 in the video.

Actor Reactions To The Death Stranding 2 Trailer

Reedus elaborates on this reaction by describing the complexity and scale of the world, which could make it hard for him to know how lines he recorded from the game would ultimately fit together in the big picture. He also discusses some things that are still unclear to him, like the nature of the suction cups that appear to have an off-putting odor to Fragile. Another highlight of Reedus’s reaction is that he’s apparently a fan of the robot dog shown in the trailer, so here’s hoping that Sam has the opportunity to positively fraternize with some of these creations.

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The clip from Norman Reedus is followed by ones from Elle Fanning, George Miller, and Fatih Akin, who all have some unique reactions of their own. Elle highlights how exciting the combat sequences are, as well as the emotion that comes through in the trailer. George Miller’s mindset as the auteur behind the Mad Max films comes through clearly as he enthuses about how effective it is as a trailer thanks to its inherent promise of “a great feast.” Fatih Akin, also an acclaimed director, compares the potential step-up in the sequel to The Godfather Part 2.

Kojima trailers tend to leave lingering questions, and fans will no doubt be speculating on certain details and implications of the Death Stranding 2: On the Beach trailer until the game releases in 2025. It’s nice to get a glimpse into the thoughts of actors directly involved with the project, and it’s clear that there’s some enthusiasm involved that goes beyond professional courtesy. It might be some time yet until Death Stranding 2 releases, but for the time being, Norman Reedus and the stars are waiting to find out some answers along with everyone else.

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