Turtles All the Way Down Images Reveal First Look At John Green’s Next Adapted Movie

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  • Turtles All the Way Down
    is an upcoming movie adaptation of John Green’s novel about a teenager who has OCD.
  • First look images show the protagonist Aza with Davis and Daisy, both of whom have a big impact on her.
  • The movie is now confirmed to release in Spring 2024 on Max.



Images from Turtles All the Way Down offer a first look at the upcoming John Green adaptation. Green’s novel of the same name released in 2017 and centers on Aza Holmes, a sixteen-year-old who has OCD, as she tries to find a missing billionaire. Isabela Merced plays Aza, with Cree Cicchino, Felix Mallard, and Maliq Johnson in key supporting roles. While Turtles All the Way Down has been in the works for several years, it wasn’t until early February that Green announced the movie would release this year.

Now, EW has shared three images providing a first look at the film. Along with the photos comes the reveal that Turtles All the Way Down will release on Max in Spring 2024, a narrower window than what was previously given. Check out the images below:

The images provide a look at two of the movie’s central relationships: Aza and Davis (Mallard) and Aza and Daisy (Cicchino). In the book, Aza and Daisy are best friends, while Aza and Davis are romantically involved. Both relationships wind up having a big impact on Aza and how she sees the world.

Max Made the Right Call in Releasing Turtles All the Way Down

There was a long time between when Turtles All the Way Down‘s director and cast were announced and the updates this month. Because of that, some wondered if the movie would ever see the light of day, particularly with the recent trend of companies shelving completed projects. However, Max made the right call in opting to release Turtles All the Way Down.

For one, the adaptation of Green’s The Fault in Our Stars remains an enormous success story, as it was both a critical and commercial hit. While other adaptations haven’t quite reached that high, they’ve been enjoyable in their own right, particularly for fans of the books. It’s also worth keeping in mind that The Fault in Our Stars movie came out nearly 10 years ago at this point, meaning a new generation is now there to enjoy Turtles All the Way Down.

The new movie has another connection to past Green adaptations through its star as well—Merced had a major role in 2019’s Let It Snow, which was based on the book by Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle. Those who enjoyed that film’s story and Merced’s work may be more likely to check out Turtles All the Way Down.

However, regardless of whether these factors allow the movie to succeed, there’s the simple matter that it’s a story worth seeing depicted on screen. The Turtles All the Way Down novel takes great pains to explore mental health thoughtfully. Its approach is incredibly specific, and if the movie follows suit, it has the potential to make people feel seen in a way they haven’t before.

Source: EW

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