Today’s Wordle Answer & Hints For February 9, 2024 (Puzzle #965)

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February 9th’s Wordle answer might stump players if they aren’t careful in their first few attempts, as the solution contains a repeating letter.

February 9th’s Wordle answer will not be the easiest to solve as the answer contains a repeating letter towards the end. Finding repeating letters in Wordle answers can be quite challenging as the game doesn’t have a specific hint. This can throw many players off if they aren’t prepared and might waste their attempts on random guesses without success.



Therefore, it is recommended to use Wordle’s hard mode as you will be able to find the repeating letter faster. This mode will not let you reuse confirmed letters in other spots and, in turn, reduce the chances of using random guesses. After you’ve discovered the repeating letters, it can be slightly easier to solve the answer if you use some relevant hints.

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Today’s Wordle Hints

February 9th #965

9th February 2024 Wordle Hints with a person with a stiff neck in the background

If you don’t want to waste your attempts on random guesses and lose your daily streak, it might be time to use some hints. The hints provided below do not ruin the challenge or spoil the answer for players. Instead, they are more akin to clues seen in other puzzle games. These hints will point you in the right direction, but you will still need to solve February 9th’s Wordle answer.

Hint 1

There is one repeating letter.

Hint 2

The answer is a noun, an adjective, and a verb.

Hint 3

The vowel is in the 3rd position.

Hint 4

Not easily bent or changed in shape.

Today’s Wordle Answer

February 9th #965

9th February 2024 Wordle Answer with a person with a stiff neck in the background

The February 9th Wordle answer is STIFF.

When solving today’s Wordle answer, you will need to use words that feature a repeating letter and a vowel as well. If you use words like STALE, STILL, and STAFF, you should be able to find the correct positions for all five letters. If you rearrange the third letter to its correct position, you should be able to solve today’s Wordle answer with STIFF.

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