This Streaming Service Proves The Expanse Season 7 Is Still Possible 2 Years After Ending

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  • Apple TV+ has become a hub for sci-fi TV with critically acclaimed shows like Severance and Silo, making it a potential home for The Expanse season 7.
  • The Expanse still has untold stories from the book series and a dedicated fan base that hopes for its continuation.
  • While it may be challenging for Apple TV+ to gain the rights, once Alcon Entertainment’s deal with Amazon expires, there is potential for The Expanse to find a new home on the streaming platform.



The series finale of The Expanse aired on January 14, 2022 — but a couple of years following the show’s apparent end, one streaming service can give viewers hope that it will continue with a theoretical seventh season. The science fiction television series was developed by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby and is based on James S. A. Corey’s book series of the same name. It premiered in December 2015 on Syfy and took place hundreds of years in the future when humanity colonized numerous planets and moons in the solar system.

Despite The Expanse‘s positive reviews from critics and fans, Syfy canceled it in 2018, likely due to low ratings and budget constraints. However, the show has a loyal following, and thanks to fan campaigns and celebrity support, Amazon Prime Video picked it up for a fourth season. The sci-fi series ran for three more seasons on the streaming service. Like Syfy, Amazon probably ended the show because of its high budget. Nevertheless, many agree The Expanse still has more stories to tell, and it might get the chance to in the near future.

Apple TV Has Become The Perfect Place For Original Sci-Fi TV

Apple TV+ has rapidly become the central hub for science fiction television series, with numerous original shows already on its platform and more on the way in 2024. The streaming service has produced some of the most critically acclaimed science fiction series in recent years, like Severance, For All Mankind, Silo, Foundation, and more. Many of these shows have thrived and been renewed for multiple seasons, and others (Constellation and Dark Matter) that launch later in 2024 are receiving a lot of hype in the weeks and months leading up to their premieres.

premieres on February 21, 2024, and
Dark Matter
debuts on May 8, 2024.

Apple TV+ is undoubtedly the leading producer of science fiction series as of 2024. No other streaming platform or network comes close to the amount of quality content that Apple TV+ is churning out. As a result, it would make sense if the streaming service was interested in picking The Expanse up for a seventh season following Amazon Prime Video’s cancelation of the show in 2022.

Apple TV Would Be The Perfect Place For The Expanse Season 7 Too

Given that Apple TV+ has become the place to go when one wants to watch quality science fiction television series, the streaming service can make sci-fi fans even happier by producing and releasing The Expanse season 7. Many were upset when Syfy canceled the show following the season 3 finale, resulting in Amazon Prime Video picking it up for three more seasons. When Amazon announced that season 6 would be the final season, viewers were disappointed again. Their dedication is apparent, and they still hope that more (onscreen) stories set in this universe are possible.

The writers and producers of The Expanse ended the series on their own terms, thanks to Amazon’s early decision on the show’s future. However, because it is based on a novel series, some stories didn’t make it to the television adaptation. The show never adapted three books, and The Expanse: Dragon Tooth, a comic book series set in the Expanse universe, was released more than one year following the finale. It continues the story following the season 6 finale. Consequently, Apple TV+ has a lot of source material to work with if it decides to continue the popular sci-fi show.

Apple TV+ Already Has An Exciting Sci-Fi Replacement For Fans Of For All Mankind

Those who eagerly await news regarding a possible For All Mankind season 5 can fill their time by watching another science fiction series.

Can Apple Make The Expanse Season 7 After Amazon Released Seasons 4-6?

Main characters of The Expanse looking toward to camera

Unfortunately, it might be difficult for Apple TV+ to produce and release The Expanse season 7 (or a movie or any other continuation of the television show), even if the streaming platform wanted to. During an interview with Variety in 2021, The Expanse executive producers and Alcon Entertainment co-CEOs Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson revealed the business details behind the science fiction series’ jump from Syfy to Amazon Prime Video. Johnson said:

“After season 1, we made a deal with Amazon for the SVOD rights after (each season’s) airing on Syfy.”

Because Amazon already owned the streaming rights to the show, it wasn’t hard for them to pick up The Expanse for season 4. It won’t be so easy for Apple TV+ to gain the rights to produce more seasons. However, it’s not impossible. Kosove further explained:

“Once the show is done on Amazon and has aired for a handful of years, all the episodes come back and are part of our library. We own the underlying IP for interactive, graphic novels, continuing storytelling in features. It’s such a rich world. We’re considering all kinds of interesting possibilities.”

It’s unclear how many years a “handful” is, but Amazon’s lease on the sci-fi series will end. Once the deal between Alcon Entertainment and Amazon expires, the production company can search for new homes for the show (if they so please). If Apple TV+ is interested in continuing The Expanse (and they should be), fans will have more onscreen stories to look forward to in the future.

The Expanse Poster
The Expanse

The Expanse is a sci-fi series set in the distant future where humanity has spread out across the solar system, but the alliances between the three most potent governing bodies have reached a state of the cold war. In the series, a mixed crew finds themselves at the center of a dangerous intergalactic conspiracy that threatens to bring war to the colonized worlds.

Release Date
November 14, 2015

Thomas Jane , Dominique Tipper , Cara Gee , Jasai Chase-Owens , Florence Faivre , Cas Anvar , Keon Alexander , Frankie Adams , Shawn Doyle , Steven Strait , Paulo Costanzo , Shohreh Aghdashloo , Wes Chatham , Nadine Nicole


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