These Pivotal Sister Wives Storylines Are The Reason Kody & Robyn Are So Disliked

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  • Kody and Robyn lost respect from viewers when they made everyone move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, causing upheaval in their polygamous household.
  • Robyn’s nasty side was exposed during the My Sister Wives closet arc, revealing her and Kody’s narcissism and disregard for others.
  • Kody’s hurtful comments towards Meri, Janelle, and Christine, as well as Robyn’s wedding dress debacle, have contributed to their deplorable reputation.



Sister Wives viewers have outlined the real moments that led them to despise Kody and Robyn Brown. The polygamy-focused reality TV show premiered in 2010. At the time, Kody seemed genuine and wanted to expand his family by adding a fourth partner, Robyn, into the mix. Unfortunately, things changed as the season progressed. Kody and Robyn became distant from other Sister Wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown, making them feel jealous. In 2021, Christine decided to move out of the plural marriage and focus on herself. Janelle and Meri followed suit after discovering Kody had stopped reciprocating and playing the role of their husband.

Kody and Robyn receive a lot of criticism for the demolition of their polygamous household. However, their dwindling reputations aren’t just because of Meri, Janelle, and Christine’s exits. Recently, Redditors discussed the top moments that led them to lose respect for Kody and Robyn. A Redditor wrote (via ElenaSnow13), “them making everyone move from Law (Las) Vegas to Flagstaff,” adding that the big family move was the reason for their hatred.

Another Sister Wives viewer commented, “Robyn’s nasty side really comes out during the My Sister Wives closet arc,” suggesting that the business debacle exposed Kody and Robyn’s narcissism. Others claimed they hated the couple from season 1 because of their general disregard for everyone else.

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Why Are Kody & Robyn So Disliked On Sister Wives?

Sister Wives Season 18's Kody Brown and Robyn Brown, looking somber

Some viewers suggested that Robyn wasn’t as despicable initially. However, she started showing red flags over time. A Reddit user stated that Robyn truly exposed herself as a nefarious human when she accidentally ordered Janelle a small-sized shirt. The user added, “it went downhill from there.” Some other fans commented they began loathing Robyn when she started crying on the show to manipulate Kody and other Sister Wives. A Redditor commented, “it was juvenile and manipulative and stopped the OG3 from really having serious conversations.” Someone pointed out a specific moment from the first season where Kody said he doesn’t take no for an answer. “it’s a vile statement,” the Redditor stated.

Most viewers believe that Kody and Robyn’s recent actions and divorces are not the only reasons for their appalling behavior. In fact, their behavior over the last fourteen years has made them unbearable. Kody and Robyn have exhibited a great deal of narcissism since the first season, and many things have contributed to their deplorable reputation, including their wedding dress scenario and early arguments with other Sister Wives. Kody’s hurtful comments towards Meri, Janelle, and Christine have also played a significant role in tarnishing their reputation. If Robyn and Kody had treated their Sister Wives kindly and lived comfortably in one household, the Brown family would still be together.

Although viewers may misunderstand some aspects of Kody and Robyn due to reality TV drama, they are still spot-on about their personality flaws. Therefore, it’s hard to say that the duo doesn’t deserve the criticism they get. Kody and Robyn will have to work extra hard to revamp their social media images and get people on their side. They are still too infamous, which will eventually blow up in their faces someday. Kody and Robyn’s bad reputation may cause them to lose their Sister Wives gig, particularly since Meri, Janelle, and Christine have moved on. If Sister Wives ends, it may impact Kody and Robyn’s relationship, which could eventually lead to their divorce.

Source: ElenaSnow13/Reddit

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