The Old Man Season 2 Release Window Revealed For Jeff Bridges’ Hit Action-thriller Show

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  • The Old Man
    season 2 will premiere in 2024, marking a two-year wait since season 1.
  • The first two episodes of
    The Old Man
    are thrilling and showcase Jeff Bridges’ talent.
  • The ending of season 1 suggests that the story could pick up in a big way for season 2 with a focus on character development and thrilling moments.



The Old Man season 2 gets a premiere date, as the Jeff Bridges action-thriller is set to return. Debuting in June 2022 and based on the 2017 novel by Tom Perry, the adaptation stars the Oscar-winning Bridges in the lead role of a seemingly average person with a dangerous past and several aliases. Developed by the duo of Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine and with supporting actors that include John Lithgow, E. J. Bonilla, Alia Shawkat, and Amy Brenneman, the seven-episode season 1 received generally positive reviews.

Speaking at FX’s panel at the Television Critics Association’s Winter 2024 press tour, FX boss John Landgraf confirmed that The Old Man season 2 will premiere later in 2024. Depending on when the show returns, it would mark a two-year wait since the premiere.

Why You Should Watch The Old Man (Despite A Mixed First Season)

The Old Man puts its best foot forward. The first two episodes are directed by Jon Watts, the filmmaker behind the MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy, bringing his knack for tension and action to the premiere. The show introduces Bridges as Dan Chase, the titular old man who would only like to be left alone. However, his past catches up with him, and the debut episode ends with a nerve-wracking setpiece that showcases just how resourceful and murderous Dan can be when he’s trapped in a corner.

10 Best TV Shows Like FX/Hulu’s The Old Man

The Old Man is set to be a thrilling espionage series and it isn’t alone in a long line of TV shows throughout history with a similar setup.

Unfortunately, the FX series does not maintain its momentum. Later episodes saddle the talented Old Man cast with far too many monologue-heavy scenes, and entire scenes are spent with dimly-lit flashbacks. And then, in the present, the characters too often talk to each other about weighty subjects. It becomes something different from the thrilling romp that was initially promised.

Despite the dip in the middle episodes, The Old Man season 1’s ending promises that the story could pick up again. Someone close to Dan and his former friend Harold (Lithgow) ends up in danger, suggesting that season 2 could potentially maintain its character focus while also going back to the memorable debut episodes.

The Old Man
season 1 is available to stream on Hulu.

Source: FX/TCA

the old man
The Old Man

Release Date
September 28, 2022

Jeff Bridges , Amy Brenneman


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