The Golden Bachelor Star Kathy Swarts Finally Reacts To ASKN Vs. April Feud Rumors

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  • Kathy Swarts shares her genuine feelings about the drama between her group, ASKN, on The Golden Bachelor.
  • Kathy explains that friendships naturally evolve over time and there may be differences and conflicts that arise.
  • Despite the issues, Kathy, Nancy, and Susan still maintain strong friendships and try to keep their problems out of the spotlight.



Many of the women on The Golden Bachelor shared a special bond, but when asked about the drama between one group, ASKN, Kathy Swarts found herself sharing her genuine feelings. ASKN, comprised of April Kirkwood, Susan Noles, Kathy, and Nancy Hulkower, met on The Golden Bachelor season 1 as they were all competing for Gerry Turner’s heart. The women were all friendly, happy to be appearing on the series and getting to know one another along with Gerry, but the quad felt strongly about one another both during the season and afterward. The group even helped facilitate a date for The Bachelor season 28’s Joey Graziadei on a recent episode.

When asked about the drama between April and the rest of the ASKN group on Bachelor alumni Ben Higgins & Ashley Iaconetti’s podcast, Almost Famous, Kathy explained that the group’s had a bit of a falling out. “We were a group of fearless women who took this on, and the fact remains — we’re all women,” Kathy explained. “As time goes on, you get to know people better and I think that’s just a natural part of life…I am friends with everybody on the show…If there’s somebody particular that you’re asking me about, I just think that natural selection takes over.”

April’s Golden Bachelor Fallout Rumors Explained

While Kathy and April may have faced some issues, she shared during the Almost Famous podcast that she just got back from a trip to St. Martin with Nancy and Susan, which April was supposed to be a part of. “We had a great time,” Nancy shared. “I think, like any other season, when you have a bunch of women who are trying to date one man, things happen and people aren’t necessarily themselves. That’s life, it goes on.” Kathy’s feud with April may never be fully understood, but it appears to have caused April to back out of the trip and “make decisions that are best for [me].”

Kathy, who shared that her best friends from her time on The Golden Bachelor are Susan and Nancy, had some issues with other women on the series in the past. Known to be outspoken and honest about her opinions, Kathy and her friends were edited to appear as though they were the ruling set of The Golden Bachelor mansion. Though they were friendly with everyone, Kathy had some issues with Golden Bachelor winner Theresa Nist during their time on the show together. Though there are issues between Kathy, Susan, Nancy, and April, it’s clear that the women are trying to keep their problems out of the spotlight.

The Golden Bachelor season 1 may have come to an end with the Golden Wedding special, but the friendships made on the series have been lasting far beyond the season. While Kathy and April seem to have some contention, the women have both spoken up about the realities of making friends and getting to know one another. After learning more about each other, it’s possible The Golden Bachelor contestants simply didn’t get along the way they thought they did.

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