The 10 Best Movies in Theaters Right Now

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  • February brings a variety of big movies to theaters, including horror comedy Lisa Frankenstein and romantic drama The Taste of Things.
  • 2023 was a successful year for cinema with box-office hits like Barbie and critically acclaimed movies like Oppenheimer.
  • December’s releases like rom-com Anyone But You and January’s releases are still available to watch, along with new releases like French movie The Taste of Things and horror thriller Out of Darkness.



February has arrived with some big movies from different genres, and these new releases, along with some of the last big releases of 2023 and January, can be enjoyed in theaters right now. 2023 was a big year for cinema after a couple of difficult years following the COVID-19 pandemic, with huge box-office hits like Barbie and The Super Mario Bros. Movie, as well as critically acclaimed movies like Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer and Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon.

2024 started on the right foot as January was a busy month when it came to theatrical releases, bringing some long-awaited movies and ensuring that there was always something for everyone to watch. Along with some of December 2023’s releases that refuse to leave, like the hit rom-com Anyone But You, and some of January’s biggest releases, a horror comedy based on a classic novel, a French movie, and a horror thriller can now be enjoyed in theaters.

30 Best Movies On Netflix Right Now (February 2024)

From Marriage Story to Dune and They Cloned Tyrone, here are our picks for the best movies on Netflix for everyone to enjoy this month.

10 Lisa Frankenstein

Lisa Frankenstein was released on February 9, 2024.

Lisa Frankenstein Lisa in bed next to her resurrected crush
Lisa Frankenstein

Release Date
February 9, 2024

Zelda Williams
Kathryn Newton , Cole Sprouse , Liza Soberano , Henry Eikenberry , Joe Chrest , Carla Gugino

Lisa Frankenstein is a horror comedy film inspired by Mary Shelley’s 1818 classic Frankenstein. Set in 1989, Lisa Frankenstein tells the story of Lisa Swallows, a goth teenage misfit who brings back to life the corpse of a once-handsome Victorian-era young man she had been obsessing over. Lisa and The Creature then embark on a murderous journey to find the missing body parts for his corpse so he can be properly rebuilt, while they also find true love and happiness in this chaotic adventure.

You can read Screen Rant’s Lisa Frankenstein review here.

9 The Taste of Things

The Taste of Things was released on February 9, 2024.

The Taste of Things movie

The Taste of Things is a historical romantic drama set in France, in 1885. The Taste of Things follows Eugénie, who is considered one of the best chefs in the country after working for the famous restaurant owner Dodin for 20 years. All this time together in the kitchen has led to Eugénie and Dodin developing feelings for each other, and their shared love of food has allowed them to create unique and exquisite dishes that attract diners from all over the world – however, Eugénie never wanted to marry Dodin, so he decides to finally cook for her.

The Taste of Things will expand wide on February 14, 2024.

8 Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness was released on February 9, 2024.

Chuku Modu in Bleecker Street's Out of Darkness
Out of Darkness

Release Date
October 6, 2022

Andrew Cumming

Safia Oakley-Green , Chuku Modu , Kit Young

87 Minutes

Out of Darkness is a British horror thriller that takes the audience 45,000 years in the past. Set in the Stone Age, Out of Darkness follows a disparate group of early humans who go in search of a new land, but they suspect they are being hunted down by a malevolent, mystical being. The group is then forced to confront and defend themselves from a danger they could never have imagined.

You can read Screen Rant’s Out of Darkness review here.

Out of Darkness was originally titled The Origin.

7 Argylle

Argylle was released on February 1, 2024.

Argylle Henry Cavill Dua Lipa and John Cena at a table

Release Date
February 2, 2024

Matthew Vaughn
Henry Cavill , Ariana DeBose , Sofia Boutella , Catherine O’Hara , Bryce Dallas Howard , John Cena , Dua Lipa , Samuel L. Jackson , Sam Rockwell , Bryan Cranston , Rob Delaney

135 Minutes

Argylle is a spy action thriller that tells the story of a reclusive writer named Elly Conway. Her novels tell the missions of a secret agent named Argylle, but suddenly, the plots of her novels start to mirror the actions of a sinister underground syndicate. Elly ends up being dragged into a covert world where nothing and no one is what they seem, and, of course, there will be lots of action.

You can read Screen Rant’s Argylle review here.

6 Scrambled

Scrambled was released on February 2, 2024.


Scrambled is a comedy-drama film directed, written by, and starring Leah McKendrick. It’s the story of Nellie Robinson, a single, 34-year-old woman who is always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Nellie starts feeling the pressure and her “biological clock ticking”, so after a breakup, she decides to freeze her eggs, beginning a journey of empowerment and self-discovery.

5 The Promised Land

The Promised Land was released on February 2, 2024.

The Promised Land movie

The Promised Land is an epic historical drama based on the book The Captain and Ann Barbara, by Ida Jessen. Set in 18th-century Denmark, The Promised Land follows Captain Ludvig Kahlen, an impoverished war hero who sets out to tame a vast and uninhabitable land. However, this area is under the rule of a merciless nobleman named Frederik De Schinkel, who realizes Kahlen is a threat to his power. When a new community starts to settle in, De Schinkel wants vengeance, triggering a violent confrontation between him and Kahlen.

4 Mean Girls

Mean Girls was released on January 12, 2024.

Damian, Cady, and Janis peeking through bushes in Mean Girls (2024).
Mean Girls (2024)

Release Date
January 12, 2024

Samantha Jayne , Arturo Perez Jr.
Angourie Rice , Auli’i Cravalho , Jaquel Spivey , Reneé Rapp , Jon Hamm , Ashley Park , Jenna Fischer , Tina Fey , Tim Meadows

Mean Girls is a musical comedy based on the 2004 movie of the same name, both based on the 2002 book Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman. Mean Girls follows Cady Heron, the new girl at school who, encouraged by her only friends, infiltrates the group of Regina George, the most popular but cruelest girl in school. What starts as a plan to bring Regina and her friends down soon ends up triggering major chaos across the school and brings drama to Cady’s relationships.

Mean Girls 2024 is the film adaptation of the Broadway musical based on the 2004 movie.

3 The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper was released on January 12, 2024.

Jason Statham as Adam Clay in David Ayer's The Beekeeper
The Beekeeper

Release Date
January 12, 2024

David Ayer
Jason Statham , Emmy Raver-Lampman , Josh Hutcherson , Bobby Naderi , Minnie Driver , Phylicia Rashad , Jeremy Irons

The Beekeeper is an action thriller that centers on Adam Clay, a former operative of a clandestine organization called “Beekeepers”. When Adam’s friend and neighbor dies by suicide after falling for a scam, Adam sets out on a revenge mission against the company responsible, but his brutal campaign for vengeance takes on national stakes.

You can read Screen Rant’s The Beekeeper review here.

2 The Iron Claw

The Iron Claw was released on December 22, 2023.

Mike (Stanley Simons), Kevin (Zac Efron), Kerry (Jeremy Allen White), and David (Harris Dickinson) Von Erich in The Iron Claw.

The Iron Claw is a biographical sports drama based on the lives of the Von Erich family, a dynasty of professional wrestlers from Texas who have been plagued by tragedy. The Iron Claw follows the family’s success throughout the 1980s by focusing on the rise of Kevin, Mike, Kerry, and David as professional wrestlers, including how they popularized the Iron Claw professional wrestling hold. The Iron Claw also covers why the family is believed to be cursed, as they have dealt with several unbearable tragedies.

You can read Screen Rant’s The Iron Claw review here.

1 Anyone But You

Anyone But You was released on December 22, 2023

Glen Powell's Ben and Sydney Sweeney's Bea sharing a sweet encounter in Anyone But You
Anyone But You

Release Date
December 22, 2023

Will Gluck
Sydney Sweeney , Glen Powell , Alexandra Shipp , GaTa , Hadley Robinson , Michelle Hurd , Dermot Mulroney , Darren Barnet , Rachel Griffiths

Anyone But You is a rom-com that tells the story of Bea and Ben, former lovers who awkwardly come across each other on a plane to Sidney, Australia, on their way to the wedding of Bea’s sister. Once there, Bea learns that her parents invited her ex-fiancé in an effort to get them back together, so in order to get them to stop, Bea suggests she and Ben pretend to be together – but the history between Bea and Ben soon gets in the way, even if they annoy each other most of the time.

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