SWAT Season 8 Chances Addressed By Shemar Moore

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  • Lead actor Shemar Moore is optimistic about a potential
    season 8 due to the show’s success on Netflix.
  • The show has consistently ranked in the top 15 on Netflix, which could lead to reconsideration by Sony and CBS.
  • Moore is prepared for either outcome, expressing gratitude for the show’s run and readiness to move on to new opportunities.



The chances of SWAT season 8 are addressed by lead actor Shemar Moore. The 2017 action series, which follows Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Moore) and his unit, has received greater attention with its availability on Netflix in the United States. That has coincided with the whirlwind saga of SWAT season 7, which was originally cancelled by CBS. The decision for SWAT season 7 was reversed, which will be its last.

In comments to TV Insider, while promoting SWAT season 7, Moore addressed whether the series could be back for a potential season 8. The Criminal Minds alum broke down the action drama’s successful metrics and indicated that it’s a reason to be optimistic about the chances of a revival. Moore, nonetheless, is prepared if this is the end of his time as Hondo. Read his full comment below:

“I’m an optimistic person that maybe it’s the final season, maybe it’s not. That’s just me talking because this game is all about numbers. It’s money, budget, and numbers. We’re top 15 on Netflix. We’ve been in the top 10. We were number one for a minute. We’ve been steady in the top 15. And I think if the numbers are good, I mean maybe the powers to be at Sony, at CBS, the people that make the decisions, maybe they have something to rethink. And if that happens, I’d be more than proud to continue this show. If it’s goodbye, then I say thank you, and I’m grateful for the years. And then that door closes, and then I go kick down the next door.”

Why Was SWAT Uncancelled (Could It Happen Again?)

The key issue that led to the initial cancellation of SWAT is the fact that it’s a co-production between CBS and Sony at a time when networks prefer complete ownership of their properties. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony TV head Katherine Pope called CBS and co-producers at CBS Studios to explain that Sony could not reduce its licensing fee below its level for season 6. This meant that CBS would have had to increase the payment to renew SWAT for season 7. As networks are also looking to cut costs, this wasn’t a favorable option for CBS.

Why Did Lina Esco Leave SWAT?

Lina Esco, who played Christina “Chris” Alonso in SWAT, exited the CBS procedural series after season 5 – why did the actor leave the show?

CBS reached out to Sony with an offer to increase the show’s licensing fee in exchange for an abbreviated season that consisted of 13 episodes. Sony declined the offer. After the cancellation was heavily criticized on social media, what ultimately helped to bring back SWAT for season 7 was that series creator Shawn Ryan reportedly did not know about Sony’s offer. Ryan, a veteran of TV shows who created The Night Agent, agreed to the reduced episode count and finding ways to work with a relatively tightened budget. This agreement led to SWAT getting uncancelled and brought back for season 7.

The issue of co-productions and ownership has impacted other shows.
was cancelled by Fox and picked up by ABC, given that the licensing fee was too high for Fox, while Disney (ABC’s parent company) has ownership of

If SWAT continues to deliver strong ratings for CBS and remains notable on Netflix, there could be conversations about a spinoff or another round of discussions about how to resume the series. For now, however, as Moore indicates, the goal is to deliver a satisfying conclusion for those who have invested in the action drama series.

season 7 debuts Friday, February 16 at 8 PM ET on CBS.

Source: TV Insider

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