Sofia Vergara Settles Lawsuit Over New Netflix Show ‘Griselda’

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Sofia Vergara is saying goodbye to her lawsuit involving the hit Netflix show, “Griselda.”

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Vergara and the family of the late Griselda Blanco seem to have settled out of court in a matter of weeks.

Sofia Vergara & Griselda Blanco Family Settle Lawsuit Over Netflix Show

In the filing, the late Griselda Blanco’s children have dismissed the lawsuit with prejudice. This means the family can never refile the same claim again in court.


It’s possible both parties settled, but there is no proof that there was an exchange of money between the “Modern Family” actress and Blanco’s children. Recall that we broke the news about the lawsuit against Vergara and Netflix that was filed days before the crime drama was set to premiere.

In the court documents, Griselda’s children requested an injunction to block the show’s release, arguing that Netflix ripped off their family story and incorporated it into the plot of their show without permission. According to the late drug lord’s son, Michael, some men allegedly approached him to do interviews about his story and that of his mother.

The discussions reportedly occurred between 2009 and 2022, with the producers asking to develop his mother’s story into a book and show and promising to promote it around Hollywood in 2016. True to their word, they pitched it to a producer and then met with Netflix about the project.

Michael alleged the streaming giant was interested in making a show about Griselda. However, they refused to use his narrative or any of the consultations from the interviews he had done. Unfortunately, Michael claimed Netflix betrayed him and he learned that their upcoming “Griselda” series used his narrative and plenty of the materials he had given without crediting him for the information or paying for it.

In the lawsuit, Griselda’s children maintained that the show should not be released since depicting their image without their permission violated their rights. Netflix’s “Griselda” tells the story of the infamous drug lord often hailed as “Cocaine Godmother.”

To portray the drug lord, Vergara shed her comedic image for a more rigid exterior to embody La Jefa.

Sofia Vergara at 'Griselda' Madrid Premiere


Sofia Vergara Sued For Unpaid Home Improvement Project

Although Vergara seems to have settled with the Blanco family, she still has another lawsuit hanging over her head. Last November, the Colombian actress was sued for allegedly skipping out on money owed for some home improvements.

The 51-year-old was accused of failing to pay a contractor over $1.7 million for an extensive renovation of her Beverly Hills home. The legal filing claims Vergara enlisted the services of Reside Custom Homes [RCH] in April 2022 for construction work on her property and agreed to compensate for the work and the contractor’s fee.

However, the “America’s Got Talent” judge failed to follow through on the agreement once the construction was completed. The plaintiff alleged that although the project was essentially completed in December 2022, Vergara purportedly requested substantial additional work beyond the initially agreed-upon scope.

As a result, the project was extended until March 2023 when the mother of one eventually moved back into the lavish residence.

The construction company alleged that Vergara requested additional work, including installing clay plaster in three powder rooms, an office, the cabana bathroom, the dining room walls, and the guest house living room. She also reportedly asked the company to remove and replace a flight of stairs, all of which they claim to have covered the cost.

Sofia Vergara at America's Got Talent


Despite the “Hot Pursuit” actress assuring the company about settling her bill and mentioning that she had approved an invoice of nearly $900,000, RCH claimed Vergara failed to fulfill her commitments.

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