‘Siggulekunada Adugutunna’, Says Jagapathi Babu

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Jagapathi Babu, known for his versatile roles in Telugu cinema, has shifted his focus to fewer but significant projects following a series of film flops. Despite this, he continues to impress audiences with his performances, notably in recent films like “Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire” and “Guntur Kaaram.” Apart from his on-screen presence, Jagapathi Babu remains active on social media, often sharing humorous content that resonates with his fans.

Today marks Jagapathi Babu’s 62nd birthday, and to celebrate, he took to social media with a light-hearted post. In a playful manner, he asked his followers for their blessings, presenting them with a choice between two beverages: a bottle of water and a bottle of Glenfiddich alcohol. Along with this, he wrote, “Elagola Putteysanu. siggu lekunda adugutuna, mee andari ashishulu naku kaavali.. Rendodhi, alochinchakunda quick ga decide cheyandi ee renditlo edhi kotamantaru?”

This amusing post quickly went viral, showcasing Jagapathi Babu’s knack for humor and timing. His loyal fan base, which exceeds 1 million followers, enthusiastically showered him with birthday wishes and blessings. Looking ahead, the former hero is set to appear in the highly anticipated film “Pushpa 2: The Rule” and other movies.

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