Sequel Dreams End Up Scoring A Flop

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Makers continuously strive to draw attention to their movies. As part of this effort, a trend called “Pan India” has emerged.

Now, in continuation of this, a trend of creating sequels, referred to as “Part-2,” has also gained momentum. Announcing a sequel has become customary for movies made with a big budget.

If the story truly possesses substance, announcing a Part-2 is justifiable; there is nothing inherently wrong with that.

Audiences eagerly anticipate such announcements, as seen with the anticipation for Baahubali Part-2. Similarly, anticipation now surrounds Pushpa-2 and Salaar-2.

However, the routine announcement of Part-2 for every movie has become a laughable aspect.

Recently, it was declared that the film ‘Pedakapu’ would be split into two parts. Reportedly, the first part failed to resonate with audiences, leading to silence about the second part.

Furthermore, there are announcements of sequels for films like ‘Skanda’ and ‘Saindhav’. Even the recently released ‘Eagle’ announced a sequel in its climax.

Can we believe if the makers would come up with sequels for these films as they were doomed with the first part itself?

Conversely, there are genuine projects awaiting sequels.

As previously mentioned, there is widespread anticipation for Pushpa-2 and Salaar-2. Additionally, movies like ‘Kalki’ and ‘Devara’ are also slated for two-part releases.

The recent blockbuster, ‘Hanu-Man’, is also set to receive a sequel titled ‘Jai Hanuman’. Audiences eagerly await its release.

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