Production Interference Is Ruining The Season

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  • The production’s choice to make Dan a Traitor was too obvious given his background on Big Brother, making the game more predictable.
  • Kate Chastain’s return to The Traitors gave her an unfair advantage due to her previous experience on the show.
  • The safety chain twist was created to save Peter from being murdered by the Traitors and feels like an unnatural turn for the game.



The Traitors US season 2 has been an exciting ride for viewers who have tuned in at a record-breaking pace each week, but many have felt the most recent episodes of the series are more heavily produced, which is hurting the show. While all reality TV is produced in some way or another, many have been paying close attention to The Traitors US season 2 to see just how much things have changed for the second season. With the style of the series changing from only part reality TV personalities to a full cast of reality TV stars, The Traitors US took a major leap of faith on its format.

With a cast of reality TV stars, the personalities in The Traitors castle are large. From Big Brother’s Dan Gheesling and Janelle Pierzina to Survivor’s Sandra Diaz-Twine and Parvati Shallow, there are reality TV competition legends on the series along with some of the most fascinating personalities in unstructured programming. RHOA alum Phaedra Parks, RHOC’s Tamra Judge, and The Bachelor’s Peter Weber round out the cast to make compelling TV. The only issue with a large batch of reality TV stars seems to be that production has had more of a hand in the drama than viewers feel is necessary.

Production Choosing Dan As A Traitor Felt Too Heavy Handed

At the very beginning of The Traitors US season 2, the contestants spoke to host Alan Cumming about whether they’d like to be Traitors or Faithfuls. The contestants had obviously spoken to production about the same thing prior to the series starting, and it was clear from the moment Dan was announced as a part of The Traitors US season 2 cast that he’d want to play as a Traitor. Many were curious if production would choose to make Dan a Traitor, given his extensive background on Big Brother. As one of the greatest to ever play the game, Dan is known for his cutthroat nature on the series.

Dan’s never been afraid to stab someone in the back for his game, which many felt would make him an excellent Traitor. While some were hopeful Dan would be Traitor, others felt strongly that he shouldn’t be put into the role. Dan playing the game as a Traitor would be too obvious considering his strategies on Big Brother, and the Faithful would be able to see through his game entirely. Those who wanted Dan to be a Traitor, himself included, were thrilled when he was chosen for the role, but it quickly became clear that his BB strategies weren’t made for a game as fast-paced as The Traitors US.

While Dan was hopeful he’d be a Traitor, his time on the series wound up being cut short when the Faithful finally decided to roll the dice on banishing him after days of speculation. For many, the fact that Dan was made a Traitor was a production blunder, as it felt too obvious a choice. With Dan’s background and strategies in past games, anyone who’d watched him on Big Brother would be able to guess he’d be a Traitor. The choice to make him one by production may have been an oversight and made the game far more predictable.

Kate Chastain’s Return To The Traitors Gave Her An Unfair Advantage

After The Traitors US season 2 episode 4, Deontay Wilder chose to leave the game for undisclosed reasons. Deontay, who’d spoken up about Maksim Chmerkovskiy and wound up getting his friend banished from the game only to find out he was Faithful, didn’t feel he could mentally continue in the game. While the reason for his departure wasn’t disclosed, it was obvious there was going to need to repercussion to make up for the fact that he had left the game without being murdered or banished. Production chose to bring Kate Chastain, of Below Deck and The Traitors US season 1 fame, back into the game for a second shot.

While having Kate return to the game wasn’t an issue, it did give her an unfair advantage that production may not have considered. Kate had already played the game the season prior, so she was far more familiar with The Traitors than those in the game for the current season. Not only did she have past experience, but Kate came into the game with a fresh perspective and the ability to be swayed on different people in the castle. Coming in without knowing the events of the game as they unfolded made Kate lucrative to the other players and seems like something production could have avoided.

The Safety Chain Twist Was Created To Save Peter From Banishment Or Murder

(EMBARGO 1_25 10 p.m. ET) Why The Bachelor's Peter's The Secret Weapon Of The Traitors US Season 2

In the most recent episode of The Traitors US season 2, the players didn’t have a round table to vote for banishment. Instead, they were given a challenge where each player had to choose someone else to keep safe. The safety chain could only protect so many people, and left only five players eligible to be murdered that evening. Traitors Phaedra and Parvati, who wasn’t saved by the chain, will be able to choose from Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen, Shereé Whitfield, Kate Chastain, and Mercedes “MJ” Javid for the next murder, but they had their sights set on another player entirely: Peter, who recently declined their invitation to become a Traitor.

While the safety chain was an interesting twist, it appears that production attempted to save Peter so the Traitors wouldn’t be able to murder him. As one of the only strong forces working against Parvati and Phaedra, Peter has been vocal in his quest to take the Traitors down and has others following him diligently. Taking out a loud voice in the game is the prerogative of the Traitors, but they won’t have the ability to take him out in the next murder. This keeps the drama going on The Traitors US, but feels like an unnatural turn for the game.

The Traitors

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