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(STACKER) – Documentaries, dramatizations, and destinations are at the forefront of the latest most-watched television show chart on Netflix.

NASCAR is one of the most recognizable names in racing sports, and the new docuseries “NASCAR: Full Speed” attempts to capitalize on its popularity. The show premiered on Jan. 30 with a season of five episodes that follow the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs and championship race. Focusing primarily on nine drivers, including Bubba Wallace, Tyler Reddick, and Kyle Larson, the series is full of up-close and personal behind-the-scenes moments that will leave audiences with a renewed appreciation for just what it takes to get behind the wheel and drive at 200 miles an hour.

From modern-day high-speed thrills, Netflix takes viewers back into the past with a six-episode series “Alexander: The Making of a God,” which dropped Jan. 31. Depicting the life of Alexander the Great, this show is more of a docuseries as expert interviews intertwine with dramatic reenactments. While the subject of Alexander’s sexuality is still under debate, historians widely accept that Ancient Greek culture viewed sexuality differently than we do today, so the answer is not very straightforward. Still, the series garnered controversy from conservative viewers for scenes showing Alexander in same-sex relationships. 

Those looking for scripted drama can check out actor Jamie Dornan in “The Tourist” where he plays an Irish man with amnesia who has somehow ended up in an Australian hospital after a car accident. Now, he must retrace his steps and learn about his identity. The show, which originally debuted on BBC, initially streamed on Max for its first season. Netflix nabbed the show for the upcoming second, but the first season is now charting as Netflix subscribers catch up in time for the Season 2 premiere on Feb. 29.

See which other licensed shows and Netflix original series U.S. viewers have been binging from Jan. 29-Feb. 4, compiled in a top 10 list by Stacker.

#10. Young Sheldon: Season 1

– Total weeks in top ten: 9

#9. NASCAR: Full Speed: Season 1

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#8. Loudermilk: Season 1

– Total weeks in top ten: 4

#7. The Tourist: Season 1

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#6. Young Sheldon: Season 6

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#5. Fool Me Once: Limited Series

– Total weeks in top ten: 5

#4. Love on the Spectrum: Season 2

– Total weeks in top ten: 3

#3. Alexander: The Making of a God: Season 1

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#2. American Nightmare: Season 1

– Total weeks in top ten: 3

#1. Griselda: Limited Series

– Total weeks in top ten: 2

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