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(STACKER) – There’s something for everyone on the latest top 10 most-watched movies list on Netflix, showcasing the wide array of genres that the streamer has to offer, from a documentary about an iconic ’80s anthem to feel-good animation to a contemporary war classic.

New to the list is “The Greatest Night in Pop,” a Netflix original documentary that joined the streaming service on Jan. 29, following its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Director Bao Nguyen documents the legendary recording of “We Are the World” and the 1985 American Music Awards with intimate behind-the-scenes archival footage and interviews. The song—performed by a host of generation-defining artists, including Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Bob Dylan, and many more—lives on as an extraordinary expression of the transcendent possibilities of pop. The historic charity single won four Grammys and raised more than $75 million for humanitarian aid and famine relief in Africa. 

Another addition making its way up the ranks on Netflix’s top movies chart is “Fury,” which joined the streamer in the U.S. on Feb. 1. The 2014 war film stars Brad Pitt as Don Collier, a battle-hardened tank commander leading a five-man crew during World War II. Set during the final days of the war in Europe, the film follows Collier and his crew as they embark on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. 

Looking for family-friendly rather than gritty? Try the 2024 Netflix original animation adventure with DreamWorks “Orion and the Dark,” which takes on a common complaint among young children: their fear of the dark. The vibrant film based on the children’s book of the same name by Emma Yarlett premiered at the Netflix Tudum Theater in Los Angeles on Jan. 27 and hit the streaming service on Feb. 2. It draws on adventure, friendship, and plenty of slapstick-comedy shenanigans—proving that the dark isn’t so scary after all. 

Find out how all these films rank on the list Stacker compiled of the most popular movies on Netflix in the U.S. from Jan. 29-Feb. 4.

#10. Pacific Rim

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#9. Tom and Jerry

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#8. Orion and the Dark

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#7. Deep Fear

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#6. The Hill

– Total weeks in top ten: 3

#5. Fury

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#4. The Super Mario Bros. Movie

– Total weeks in top ten: 10

#3. The Vow

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#2. The Greatest Night in Pop

– Total weeks in top ten: 1

#1. The Postcard Killings

– Total weeks in top ten: 2

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