Microsoft and McCann Unleash AI Magic to Transform Holiday Memories

As the holiday season beckons, Microsoft, in collaboration with McCann, introduces an enchanting campaign, “Make Your Holiday A Masterpiece,” where AI takes center stage to re-imagine and amplify cherished holiday memories. Fusing technology with the warmth of human connection, the campaign seeks to weave a tapestry of creativity, celebrating the essence of the festive season.

The Heartwarming Journey

The hero film follows transmedia artist Ellie Pritts as she embarks on a journey to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Setting up on the streets, Pritts invites passersby to share their unique holiday memories. From New Year’s celebrations in Japan to Christmas in New Zealand, each story is a testament to the richness of cultural traditions and personal experiences.

Pritts then employs the power of AI to craft bespoke artistic masterpieces, transforming these shared memories into visually stunning artworks. The film concludes with the unveiling of these AI-infused creations, capturing the genuine emotional reactions of individuals as they witness their holiday memories taking on a fresh, unexpected form.

A Global Celebration

Featuring seven compelling stories from around the globe, the campaign showcases both the hero film and a series of :30 films, providing a deeper dive into each narrative. Renowned filmmaker and photographer Andree Ljutica, known for his award-winning works, directed these captivating films that highlight the universal thread of joy woven into diverse holiday celebrations.

Consumers are encouraged to explore these stories online, gaining insights into the campaign’s protagonists and the magical transformation of their holiday recollections. Microsoft plans to leverage its digital and social channels to support and amplify the campaign.

Crafting Memories and Connections

Shayne Millington, Chief Creative Officer at McCann New York, expressed the sentiment behind the campaign, stating, “The holidays are that special time of year where memories and traditions are created amongst friends and family. It was incredible to hear the range of stories from people all over the world and see their faces light up when their memories immediately became something tangible.

As Microsoft and McCann join forces to infuse technology with the spirit of the holidays, “Make Your Holiday A Masterpiece” serves as an ode to the joy of shared memories, creative expression, and the magic that unfolds when AI and humanity converge.

Campaign Contributors: Client:

  • Microsoft
  • Kathleen Hall, Corporate VP of Brand
  • Sven Seger, General Manager, Global Creative
  • Carol Phillips, General Manager, Global Advertising
  • Sunita Richardson, Sr. Director, Brand Strategy + Ops, Chief of Staff
  • Aleksey Fedorov, Director, Global Brand Marketing
  • Kaity Butcher, Brand Manager, Microsoft Brand Studio
  • Pia Rodriguez, Global Brand Strategist
  • Stephanie Quartararo, Managing Advisor, Content Creation
  • Tommy Murov, Post/VFX Advisor (APR)

Agency: McCann

  • Sean Bryan, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Creative Director Global Brands, North America
  • Shayne Millington, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Creative Director Global Brands, New York
  • Cristina Reina, Pete Johnson, EVPs, Executive Global Creative Directors
  • Lucas Casao, Guilherme Racz, SVPs, Group Creative Directors
  • Camilla Ciappina, Daniel Trimarchi, Associate Creative Directors
  • Matthew van Leeuwen, EVP, Head of Design
  • Mook Phoungbut, Design Director
  • Emily Portnoy, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Sam Chotiner, EVP, Executive Strategy Director
  • Danielle Noto, SVP, Group Strategy Director
  • Kyla Jackson, Strategist
  • Aaron Kovan, Chief Production Officer
  • Stacy Flaum, SVP, Executive Producer
  • Jamie Jou, Director of Music Licensing

Production: Craft Worldwide

  • Andree Ljutica, Director
  • Adam Hirsch, SVP, Head of Content, North America
  • Zoe Greene, Executive Producer
  • Kim Anderson, Line Producer
  • Malik Dupree, Photographer
  • Editorial: No6
  • James Duffy, Nick Schneider, Editors
  • Corina Dennison, Exec Producer
  • Laura Molinaro, Head of Production
  • Audio: Revolve Audio
  • Paul Weiss, Mix Engineer
  • Gilda McCrann, Studio Director

Music: JSM

Campaign Credits:

  • Client: Microsoft
  • Agency: McCann
  • Production: Craft Worldwide
  • Director: Andree Ljutica
  • Editorial: No6
  • Audio: Revolve Audio
  • Music: JSM

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