Mahesh & Rajamouli Hunting For A New Hashtag!

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In the age of digital marketing, almost all films are getting most of the traction on social media sites and micro-blogging pages only. These led to the rise of various new trends, including creating lots of posters to be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And also, all these posts stay together, through hashtags, which led to the invention of new creative words to promote a movie.

After the release of “Baahubali 1”, the hashtag #WhyKattappaKilledBaahubali? started to trend automatically, leading to SS Rajamouli using that one big time to promote his next. #WKKB became the phenomenon that promoted Baahubali 2 to another level. At the same time, after the release of Pushpa, the one that started trending it #TaggedheLe. Similarly, for his recent outing RRR, Rajamouli started promoting the film with #RRR, eventually making this working title and trendy hashtag as the title of their movie. And now, we hear that Rajamouli and his hero, Superstar Mahesh are in the process of ideation for a hashtag.

While Mahesh fans are calling this film #SSMB29, Rajamouli’s fans are including the name of the director in it. However, both Rajamouli and Mahesh are said to be working on something creative, along the lines of #MR01, and others, such that it will not only stun the audience but also bring huge traction for the film in the digital arena. We have to see what would they choose.

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