LOKI Star Jonathan Majors Accused Of Physical And Emotional Abuse By Other Women

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Last December, Loki star Jonathan Majors was found guilty on one count of intentional assault in the third degree and aggravated harassment in the second degree by a New York jury following a March 2023 altercation with his then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari.

Today, The New York Times has shared accounts from former girlfriends, work colleagues, and even crew members who have shared allegations of inappropriate and abusive behaviour. 

During Majors’ trial and a recent ABC News interview, the Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania star maintained that he had “never struck a woman.” One former girlfriend, Emma Duncan, has now alleged that Majors was violent on multiple occasions between 2015 and 2019. 

In a 2016 incident, it’s said he choked her and “threw her body across the room,” stating he was “going to make sure you can’t have children.”

Maura Hooper, meanwhile, claims she “was not allowed to speak to anyone about their relationship” and reveals that after falling pregnant (she dated Majors between 2013 – 2015), he dropped her off at an abortion clinic and didn’t pick her up after the procedure was completed. 

When they went their separate ways, Hooper alleges that Majors called her a “whore” on the phone and said, “I hope you die; kill yourself…I’m going to rip you out of my heart the way they ripped our baby out of you.”

Majors is also said to have regularly threatened to kill himself during these relationships.

This report from the Times paints Majors as, “[a] controlling, threatening figure who isolated them from friends and career pursuits.” It’s based on interviews with 20 people and on statements submitted to the prosecution in his December case. The actor’s lawyer has shared various denials, including one that describes the women in question as “toxic.”

It’s also said that Majors had a history of volatility on the set of HBO’s Lovecraft Country, including confrontations with female co-workers that led them to complain to the cable network.

Majors will be sentenced in April; he faces up to a year behind bars but is unlikely to do jail time considering the fact this is a first offence. 

Majors’ star had been on the rise before his legal issues. He received widespread acclaim for his work in Creed III and was earning Oscar buzz for his role in Magazine Dreams. Searchlight has removed it from the calendar and it may never see the light of day. Marvel Studios later fired him as the MCU’s Kang the Conqueror.

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