LOBO Is Taking Over DC Comics in Early 2024

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  • Lobo, the DC Comics bounty hunter, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity with two team-ups, and a trade paperback.
  • Lobo, who debuted in 1993, has evolved from a villain to a bounty hunter and has occasionally teamed up with DC heroes.
  • In DC’s April solicitations, Lobo will appear in a crossover event with Superman to take down Brainiac’s Lobo army, as well as team up with Guy Gardner in
    Green Lantern #10
    . A 1000+ page collection of his comics will also be released in June. 2024 could be a big year for Lobo.



DC Comics bounty hunter, Lobo, has been featured in a variety of comic series and animated series, but 2024 is putting a spotlight on the sometimes villain this Spring. With two team-ups on the horizon, a trade paperback, and a heightened presence of his daughter in recent years, comics are turning up Lobo. The character could be seeing a major resurgence in popularity, especially if this early 2024 trend continues.

Lobo debuted in 1993 in Omega Men #3, created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen. He has served as a villain to Superman and other DC heroes, before eventually becoming a bounty hunter operating on his own. His daughter, Crush – also known as Xiomara Rojas – debuted in 2018, created by Adam Glass, Bernard Chang, and Jorge Jiménez for Teen Titans Special #1.

Crush is best known as a member of the Teen Titans, though she has shared a title with her dad in 2021, titled Crush & Lobo. She has also been featured in several DC Pride comics in recent years.

DC’s Lobo Gets a Major Status Quo Shift Thanks to Superman’s Nemesis

DC’s resident macho alien bad boy, Lobo, has long been the last of his race. But all that is about to change thanks to one major Superman villain.

Lobo Is Set For Take The Spotlight In DC’s Comic Offerings for April

Lobo looking confused, a chained hook in his hand on the cover of Action Comics #1064

While Lobo is best-known as a villain or solo operator, he has occasionally worked alongside some of DC’s iconic heroes. In DC’s April solicitations this year, Lobo is slated to appear in two different team-up series. Superman and Lobo will be teaming up together to take down Brainiac’s Lobo army, in the House of Brainiac crossover event. This will include Action Comics #1064,Superman #13, and Superman: House of Brainiac Special #1. Involved will be a bottled Czarnia and lots of Lobo mayhem, which could spill over into later DC Comics this year considering Brainiac has a secret history with Lobo’s home.

Czarnia has been considered destroyed for years, making a potential bottled version a big change for the Main Man. This will spill into other series, as his daughter will be featured in Power Girl #8. She could prove extra helpful or harmful to Metropolis’ upcoming turmoil at the hands of Brainiac. Lobo will also be teaming up with Guy Gardner, in Green Lantern #10, which will feature the story, “Guy’s Bogus Lobo Adventure part 1 of 3.” If that wasn’t enough, previously scheduled for April and moved to a June publication date, Lobo: Big Friggin Compendium, is set to release, bringing fans a 1000+ page collection of comics starring the bounty hunter.

2024 Could Be The Year Of Lobo Should This Trend Continue

Lobo relaxing while smoking cigar as a field of skeletons and bones lie under his chair and behind him

With two major team-ups, a face-off with Brainiac, the potential return of Czarnia, and a giant collection on the way, 2024 is turning up Lobo. There have numerous rumors about the bounty hunter making his way to the DCEU, but not a lot of official news as of yet. Nonetheless, he is set to make his mark in DC’s slate of comics this Spring and early Summer. Whether fans will see even more of Lobo later in 2024 remains to be seen, but he definitely shouldn’t be counted out as one of DC’s biggest potential players this year.

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