Jon Stewart Returns To ‘The Daily Show’ And All He Gets Is Stale Popcorn

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Jon Stewart is back. And so is the popcorn last seen in 2015.

A clip of Stewart munching on popcorn during his 1999-2015 time on the show is often seen on social media, a signal that an argument is about to break out.

In the promo, Stewart stuffs his face with the snack once again, asking producers a very important question. “Is this the same popcorn from the GIF nine years ago?!”

Stewart will be hosting The Daily Show on Monday nights throughout the 2024 election cycle. The show’s team of correspondents will share hosting duties for the rest of the week.

The show airs every weeknight at 11 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central and the next day on Paramount+.

Watch the video above and see the classic GIF here:

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