Is Christine Brown Honest About Her Weight Loss Journey? (Is Plexus Really Her Diet Secret?)

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  • Christine Brown, of the reality TV show Sister Wives, has undergone a significant weight loss transformation and credits her progress to the controversial product Plexus.
  • Plexus is a multi-level marketing company that has faced criticism for making unsupported claims about its products and using deceptive marketing tactics.
  • Despite receiving a warning letter from the FDA and controversy surrounding the brand, Christine continues to promote and endorse Plexus as a way to achieve weight loss goals.



Sister Wives star Christine Brown is looking better than ever following her weight loss, and it may not be due to the controversial brand she promotes. Christine used to be the third wife of polygamist reality TV celeb Kody Brown. Christine and Kody got spiritually married in March 1994 after he had already spiritually married Janelle Brown and was in a legal marriage with Meri Brown. One of the reasons Kody married Christine was because she’s “polygamist royalty.” However, the family dynamic changed, with Kody playing favorites with his fourth wife Robyn Brown, and ignoring the others.

Christine decided to split from Kody after more than 25 years of spiritual marriage in November 2021. Christine was the first of Kody’s wives to leave him because she had discovered her self-worth. Since her divorce, Christine has made herself a priority. She exuded major confidence when she showed off her trim figure and her new love, David Woolley, on Valentine’s Day 2023. Fans often asked Christine for her weight-loss secret, and her Instagram posts did all the talking for her. Christine had started aggressively promoting Plexus, a product that had been called out for being deceptive and preying on vulnerable people.

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Christine Brown Says Plexus Can Change Someone’s Body In Just 3 Days

Christine Makes Shocking Claim About Controversial Product

According to Starcasm, the Plexus website reveals the multi-level marketing plan right up front, offering to “turn what you love into what you do.” It asks customers to introduce the people they love to the products they love. It convinces them that they can change their own life while changing someone else’s life with the opportunity to “grow your income” and earn “incredible rewards. Being an ambassador involves loving the product and sharing it. Meanwhile, the brand’s claims to promote a “healthy gut” and “restore balance in one’s metabolism” are seemingly not backed up by studies.

In 2020, the company also received a warning letter from the FDA because of dangerous social media posts that claimed that their products prevented COVID-19. Regardless, Christine hasn’t ended her association with the company. In January 2024, Christine shared a video where she claimed that Plexus could transform one’s body and make them healthier “than ever before” in “just three days. The accompanying video involved names of people who had tried the program as it contained their before and after photos. “Join me on this journey and witness amazing results in just three days,” Christine wrote in her caption.

How Much Weight Did Christine Brown Lose?

Christine Wants To Lose 20 More Pounds

Christine started focusing a lot more on weight loss after she got engaged to David in April 2023. Christine had been on a weight-loss journey and was following a blood-type diet. There’s no extensive research to confirm that the diet works, but Christine started showing results through her Instagram photos. According to the diet, each blood type digests food differently, so different blood types of A, B, O, or AB are better off eating certain foods. Christine was also working out in conjunction with dieting to aid her dramatic weight loss. In the meantime, Christine revealed she had lost 23 pounds in six months.

According to TVSeasonSpoilers, Christine was not focusing on temporary measures to lose weight but wanted to focus on a long recovery. She was constantly trying to improve herself mentally and physically after her divorce. Christine hoped to lose 20 more pounds before her wedding day in October 2023. Apart from the Plexus claims, such as Christine writing, “I get asked quite often – how did you lose all your weight? This little drink right here with a few others,” Christine also worked out daily and posted videos of her lifting weights and performing cardio workouts on Instagram. In May 2023, she took a “6 week challenge” to promote the weight-loss product.

Christine Brown May Be Pushing Plexus Too Hard? (Is She Deceiving Her IG Followers?)

One of Christine’s latest posts on Instagram is all about self-love. February is the month of love, and Christine wants all her followers to love themselves first. However, Christine decided to get Plexus involved while getting the message across. She wrote, “One way I show love to myself is by indulging in my favorite pink drink.Christine asked her fans to “treat” themselves and get a pink drink like her. Christine attached a video in the post where she took a sip from a bottle containing a pink liquid. Christine painstakingly matched her outfit and even her décor with the pink concoction.

According to USSun, Christine, Janelle, and Meri’s extra income comes from promoting brands such as Plexus. “Brand partnerships, sponsorships, selling products, and more, and could net them ‘anywhere between $800,000 to $2 million,’” the report mentioned. Christine’s popularity as a reality TV star helps boost sales of the product. Undoubtedly, her weight loss, even if it’s not thanks to the pink drink alone, will make some viewers consider buying it to achieve their own fitness goals. Christine is a great saleswoman who makes the brand renew their contracts with her and trust her with bringing them business year after year.

Christine Brown Does Look Fabulous

Christine Looked Stunning As A Bride After Weight Loss

Christine’s transformation doesn’t go unnoticed whenever she shares her pictures on social media. As per Christine, weight loss is not a struggle for her anymore since her pink drink helps her control her cravings and suppresses her appetite. She assured fans that the drink has helped balance her blood sugar and gave her a boost of energy, which has even helped her get rid of “stubborn belly fat.” Christine recently flaunted her svelte figure in her wedding photos. In January 2024, Christine shared pictures of her trying out bridal dresses, which made her “Feel like a princess.”

Christine looked like every bit of a princess in the photos as she struck a pose with one hand on her hip and smiled wide with happiness. Christine also posted pictures in a different dress that she didn’t end up picking for her special day. Sister Wives viewers exclaimed, “WOW” when they saw the photos and told Christine she should have picked that one instead. However, Christine, with her new confidence owing to her new physique, managed to look stunning in both outfits. Christine doesn’t need to give any pink drink credit for her inner glow and a new feeling of independence.

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