How To Solve All Riddler’s Riddles In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

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The Riddler loves his riddles, and he’s left a few of them scattered around Metropolis in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. These riddles are essentially “what am I” questions, where each one directs Task Force X to a landmark in Metropolis. Once you’ve found the landmark in the riddle, you’ll have to scan it to add it to your district/city total.



While some riddles will instantly point to popular and important locales like the Daily Planet, others are harder to decipher, especially if you are less familiar with deeper DC lore. There are twenty-one riddles split between Bakerline, Centennial Park, the Central Business District, Midtown, Racine, Suicide Slums, and Wonderland District. Each district has three riddles.

All Bakerline Riddle Solutions



“Printing stories to astound, this Planet makes the news go round.”

The globe on top of the Daily Planet

“In Bakerline, a renter’s choice, and there resides the people’s voice.”

Sullivan Place (the apartment building with the large sign that reads “Sullivan”)

“Outside the science center’s wall, find something big that once was small.”

The atom statue in front of the science museum.

Two of Bakerline‘s riddle answers are important locations to Clark Kent, aka Superman, who is now one of the main bosses of Suicide Squad: KTJL. Before he was brainwashed by Brainiac, he used to work at the Daily Planet, the location of the first Bakerline riddle. He also used to live with Lois Lane at Sullivan Place, the answer to the second riddle. With the science museum being a large skyscraper on the north edge of the district, this means all the Bakerline riddles are among the easier of the bunch.

All Centennial Park Riddle Solutions



“A stirring figure to behold, the world’s false idol cast in gold.”

The golden statue of Superman

“To welcome those from far and wide, this sign spells out our civic pride.”

The giant Metropolis letters

“Within their lair the Thousands plot, too many X’s mark the spot.”

A door drawing under a bridge with Xs above the frame

When you visit Centennial Park in Suicide Squad: KTJL, you’ll have a couple of easy riddle answers and one that requires a bit of searching. Superman’s statue is right beside the large Superman logo seen on the map. The large Metropolis sign can also be seen from the map, albeit from a more slanted angle. The third riddle talks about a bridge not too far from Superman’s statue. You know you’ve found the right bridge when you see graffiti reading “Super-Dood”. The door is next to the graffiti.

All Central Business District Riddle Solutions

Suicide Squad KTJL - Metropolis Map - Central Business District



“The symbol of a reigning Queen, it’s where our Ollie makes his green.”

The logo on Green Arrow/Oliver Queen’s skyscraper

“With colors bright and profits low, here Simon says he runs the show.”

The Stagg building with the name written in bright colors

“In Director Bones’s operation, see normal rise above its station.”

The logo of the Department of Extranormal Operations, found on the balcony above the headquarter’s sign.

The riddles in the Central Business District all connect to important DC characters. Oliver Queen, whose name makes up the logo on his building, is Green Arrow, one of the most well-known non-powered members of the Justice League.

The Stagg building and the campus surrounding it belong to Simon Stagg, a villainous CEO seen in Batman: Arkham Knight, which preceded Suicide Squad: KTJL. The Department of Extranormal Operations is most well-known as the main organization in the CW show Supergirl, but here, Riddler mentions Director Bones, the skeletal director in most comic runs featuring the DEO.

All Midtown Riddle Solutions

Suicide Squad KTJL - Metropolis Map - Midtown



“Within this city’s fiscal stash, Lex Luthor sits upon your cash.”

Luthor Financial’s sign

“Though Brainiac has tanked Batman’s stocks, this place still proves that money talks.”

The W on Wayne Tower

“At both ends, their candles burning / Bright minds in these halls of learning.”

Stanhope College

Each of the Midtown riddles requires you to scan some signs. The sign for Luthor Financial is tucked out of view, but you’ll be able to see the sign for WGBS from its location. The W on Wayne Tower and Stanhope College are much easier to find; simply fly over to the giant text and scan.

All Racine Riddle Solutions

Suicide Squad KTJL - Metropolis Map - Racine



“Within: League statues, silver smirks. Without: These golden waterworks.”

The fountain outside the Hall of Justice

“A venue fit for ancient Greece, watch thrilling tales of war and peace.”

An amphitheater on the east edge of the district.

“With claws beneath and sea ahead, a cold box for Gotham’s swimming dead.”

A blue shipping container for Gotham City Refridgeration in the corner of the district by Midtown

The riddles for Racine are regarded as the hardest riddles in Suicide Squad: KTJL due to their focus on less-than-popular landmarks. Rather than scanning the Hall of Justice itself, home to the (mostly) corrupted Justice League, you have to scan the golden fountain outside.

The amphitheater in the second riddle was putting on a show about Wonder Woman’s home of Themyscira. The third is the most ridiculous, sending players to scan a random shipping container at the edge of Racine.

All Suicide Slums Riddle Solutions

Suicide Squad KTJL - Metropolis Map - Suicide Slums



“A toast to those who came before, a bronze-cast Lex progenitor.”

Edna Luthor’s statue

“In quiet crypts, the city’s best, take Viking-like eternal rest.”

Vahalla Cemetery

“Here studying her crystal ball, the city’s mystic know-it-all.”

Madame Xanadu’s shop

The first riddle in Suicide Slums leads Task Force X to a statue of Edna Luthor nestled in a small triangular space just beyond Green Lantern’s hideout. The Vahalla building is nestled in the northern corner of Green Arrow’s fortress. It’s easier to access once the former hero has been defeated.

Lastly, Madame Xanadu’s shop is just east of Edna Luthor’s statue. Scan the door of her multi-colored building and you’ll be good to go in Suicide Slums.

All Wonderland District Riddle Solutions

Suicide Squad KTJL - Metropolis Map - Wonderland District



“Thrill the kids, delight your tot! You want some fun? Give this a Schott.”

Schott’s Toys

“A magic show, strange and absurd, the secret spell’s a mirrored word.”

The Magnificent Zatanna’s building

“Rising high, a sun-kissed tower, a beacon of the city’s power.”

The Solar Tower

10 Most Clever Batman: Arkham Easter Eggs In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Despite its new setting and protagonists, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is full of references to Rocksteady’s previous Arkhamverse games.

When it’s time to take a trip to Wonderland District, stop by Schott’s Toys, the base of the supervillain Toyman. Then you can check out the Magnificent Zatanna’s show and the building marketing it. When all that’s done, gaze at the tall Solar Tower along the border of Bakerline. With that, you’ll have looped back on yourself and solved all of the Riddler’s riddles in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

If you’d like more of a visual, YouTuber Ben-Gun has an excellent video on all the Riddle locations and answers.

Video Source: YouTube/Ben-Gun

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