How To Delete Your World (& Start Over)

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If you want to delete one of your worlds and start over in Palworld, the solution is rather simple: delete it from the world selection menu. Palworld allows you to create several different worlds, allowing you to travel, explore, build, and catch Pals in different instances. However, there are many reasons why you might want to delete a world, including concerns over storage space.



Before you delete a world, it’s worth keeping in mind that Palworld doesn’t currently feature character transfer. As such, deleting a world means you lose everything including your bases, any Pals you’ve caught, items and upgrades, and more. It’s a good idea to consider whether there are less drastic methods of getting what you want; for example, there are ways to respec your Palworld character or move your base’s location.

How To Build a Second Base In Palworld

Building a second base in Palworld will put all your newly captured Pals to work as well as gain you more resources and more Pals to breed.

How To Delete A World In Palworld

Deleting A Singleplayer World In Palworld

To delete a world in Palworld, open the World Select screen from the Main Menu and click the world you want to delete. From here, you can select the Delete World option on the bottom-left of the screen, which opens a prompt. Type “DELETE” into the box and then click to confirm. This is a fairly common failsafe measure that stops players from deleting their worlds with an accidental click.

The Delete option box may not light up; however, you can still click the box to delete a world.

Deleting worlds is permanent, and any world you delete cannot be recovered. Again, this means that you lose everything associated with that world, including your best Pal Gear Workbench upgrades, resources, and more. As such, it’s best to carefully consider whether you want to delete a world, and potentially hours of progress that you’ve put into it.

How To Delete A Character From A Multiplayer Server In Palworld

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Deleting a character from a server in Palworld is a bit more technical, and you’ll need to go into File Explorer to delete files. It’s a good idea to back up your files beforehand if you plan on doing this. This process comes courtesy of Reddit user u/autonomous_replicant, and requires both the player and the server host to delete specific files.

The player who owns the character should:

  • Navigate to C:UsersYour UsernameAppDataLocalPalSavedSaveGames.
  • Delete the UserOption.sav file. Remember to back this file up first.
  • Turn off Steam Cloud saves for Palworld under Properties in your Steam library.

The server host should

  • Navigate to C:UsersYour UsernameAppDataLocalPalSavedSaveGames.
  • Go into the server world folder, which usually has a random string of numbers.
  • Delete the steam_autocloud.vdf folder.
  • Enter the Players folder and delete the file that corresponds to the character you want to delete. This can be tricky to find, so it’s highly recommended that the user logs in as the character briefly. You can then delete the most recently modified file in the folder.
  • Navigate to Backup and then World.
  • Delete any files that correspond to the character file you deleted before.

Afterward, the player should be able to join the multiplayer server and start a new character.

If you opt to turn on Steam Cloud saves again, Steam may flag a clash between local and cloud save data. Make sure to overwrite cloud saves with local data when prompted.

Unfortunately, Palworld doesn’t offer an easier route to help anyone who joined a multiplayer server to start over. However, deleting a world is still easy enough for solo players.

Source: Reddit

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