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Felicia Journey: Insights into General Hospital’s Beloved Character, Kristina Wagner

In case you missed it, Kristina Wagner, best known for her role as Felicia on “General Hospital,” shares some captivating insights into her beloved character, Felicia. As she reflects on the qualities that make Felicia such an endearing character, Kristina offers a glimpse into Felicia’s life, her best and hardest times, and her closest relationships.

Felicia Qualities:

When asked about her favorite qualities of Felicia, Kristina expressed admiration for Felicia’s unwavering determination and her relentless pursuit of her goals. She describes Felicia as a genuinely good-natured person who always looks on the bright side of life. With years of wisdom under her belt, Felicia has learned to navigate life’s challenges and tragedies, using her experiences to grow and move forward.

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Best Time in Felicia’s Life:

Kristina finds it challenging to pinpoint a single best time in Felicia’s life, as she’s cherished every phase and storyline. However, she believes that Felicia’s happiest moment is the present. Felicia has evolved into a more grounded and content version of herself, with the tools to pursue happiness. She finds fulfillment in her marriage to Mac and her role as a supportive presence for her daughter, Maxie, and her grandchildren.

Hardest Times in Felicia’s Life:

Felicia’s most challenging moments are intertwined with her role as a mother. The two most difficult times in her life were Maxie’s heart transplant and the heartbreaking loss of her daughter Georgie. As a mother, these experiences profoundly impacted Felicia and changed her character, a situation that Kristina can personally relate to, having lost her son Harrison in 2022.

Felicia’s Trust:

According to Kristina, Felicia’s most trusted confidant is her daughter, Maxie. Maxie turns to Felicia for guidance on some of the toughest decisions she has to make, and Felicia feels the same level of trust and openness in their relationship.

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Journey, Image credit by Google

Favorite Home:

Kristina fondly recalls the brownstone as her favorite home for Felicia. It provided a sense of community, with characters like Bobbie, Tony, Tania, and Ruby residing nearby. This sense of geography added depth to the show’s setting, connecting it to places like Kelly’s Diner and the bustling docks.

Favorite Felicia Storyline:

In response to a question about her favorite storyline to revisit, Kristina playfully suggests a “sexy” one, perhaps made even spicier given the opportunity. She hints at the possibilities that could arise in today’s more permissive TV landscape.

Felicia’s Downtime:

In Kristina’s imagination, Felicia spends her downtime by secretly writing a book titled “The Part-Time Princess.” The book chronicles her adventures with Frisco and is a project she keeps hidden from her husband, Mac.

Felicia’s Best Friend:

While Lucy may consider Felicia her best friend, Kristina envisions Felicia’s best friend as Anna. Their friendship is characterized by trust, comfort, and a lack of competition. They share their experiences and seek sound advice from one another.

Adventure Buddy: Felicia’s favorite adventure companion is Anna. She believes that partnering with Lucy often leads to trouble beyond Felicia’s control, as Lucy tends to prioritize her own interests.

Role Suited for Felicia: Kristina believes that each phase of Felicia’s life has suited her career choices perfectly. Whether as a student at Port Charles University working at Kelly’s Diner or her current role as a patient advocate, Felicia’s career path has always been aligned with her personal growth and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

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Journey, Image credit by Google

Dark Alley Encounter: In a dark alley, Felicia would least want to encounter Ryan, a character who has left a lasting impact on her life and instilled fear in her.

Favorite Wedding Album: While Kristina acknowledges the extravagance of Frisco and Felicia’s first wedding, she believes that Felicia’s preferred choice would be her wedding album with Mac. It symbolizes their enduring love and a happily-ever-after conclusion.

Felicia’s Happy Marriage: The key to Felicia’s happy marriage with Mac, in Kristina’s view, is mutual respect. They respect each other’s careers, spend quality time together, and include one another in their daily lives. Problems arise only when they keep secrets from each other.

Future Storyline: Looking ahead, Kristina hopes to see a storyline that delves into Felicia’s decision to leave her children for Frisco, shedding light on the reasons behind this challenging choice. She believes this narrative gap in Felicia’s history needs to be addressed and explained in a way that makes sense for the character.

Kristina Wagner’s deep insights into Felicia offer fans a closer look at the character they hold dear, enriching the legacy of one of “General Hospital’s” most beloved figures.

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Journey, Image credit by Google

Comparing Me and Felicia: Traits and Tendencies

In a playful comparison of traits and tendencies, Kristina Wagner reflects on herself and her iconic character, Felicia. Here’s a closer look at the different aspects that set them apart:


When asked who is better at keeping secrets, Kristina confidently claims the title for herself.

Wardrobe Choices:

Kristina mentions she would don about half of Felica’s wardrobe. While Felicia may have an array of ball gowns and wedding attire, Kristina acknowledges that comfort and personal style can sometimes lead them to make different fashion choices.


  • Kristina believes it’s a tie in the advice-giving department. Both she and Felica have faced their fair share of life’s challenges and learned valuable lessons, making them sources of guidance for others. Kristina feels confident in her ability to offer support and understands that Felicia’s quest for truth likely involves extensive reading and seeking knowledge.
  • Private Investigation: When it comes to being a private investigator, Kristina humorously dismisses the idea, stating that she would be horrible at it and prefers not to encounter gruesome scenes.
  • Patient Advocacy: Similar to private investigation, Kristina admits that being a patient advocate is not her calling. She expresses deep respect for healthcare workers but notes that it’s not a role she would embrace.
  • Impulsiveness: Felici wins the title of the more impulsive of the two, according to Kristina.
  • Crisis Handling: Kristina confidently asserts that she excels in handling crises, considering herself better in such situations.

Forgiveness: Kristina claims to be the more forgiving one.

Sense of Humor: In a playful nod to her own mindset, Kristina suggests she has a better sense of humor. She explains that humor often precedes drama in her thought process, although she acknowledges that it might not always be evident to others.

This lighthearted comparison reveals the unique qualities and differences between Kristina Wagner and Felici, adding a touch of fun to their distinct personas.

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