Disney’s $1.5 Billion Investment Makes 1 Huge Video Game Movie Inevitable

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  • Disney’s $1.5 billion investment in Epic Games makes a Fortnite movie more likely. The game’s global popularity and massive player base make it an attractive choice for a cinematic adaptation.
  • Despite Fortnite’s lack of a cohesive story, a movie adaptation could still work. The franchise’s popular characters and potential Disney cameos, along with the game’s unique elements, could make for an entertaining and successful film.
  • A Fortnite movie has unlimited potential, with the brand’s massive name and creative elements. It could follow the successful trajectory of unexpected hits like The Lego Movie and become one of the biggest video game adaptations of all time.



Disney‘s recent investment makes a huge video game film seem inevitable. After a troubling 2023, Disney started 2024 with some big announcements, including a $1.5 billion investment into Epic Games. The companies have worked together previously to collaborate on some video game projects, but this investment could spill over into the world of cinema. While Disney already owns some massive IPs like Marvel and Star Wars, they are always branching out and Epic Games could help them secure another massive property. The investment won’t give Disney ownership of Epic Games, but it does make frequent collaborations more likely.

With Disney+ losing subscribers after the streaming platform’s price hike, it is no surprise the studio is already looking to find solutions. They had an underwhelming 2023 box office and the deal with Epic Games could put them back on the right track. The partnership will offer plenty of potential going forward, with crossover opportunities opening in both the world of gaming and cinema. One of Epic’s biggest games has already had plenty of Disney crossovers and could have even more involvement from the studio, as the investment creates the perfect opportunity to turn the game into a movie.

A Fortnite Movie Seems Inevitable After Disney’s $1.5 Billion Investment In Epic Games

Fortnite Is Epic Games’ Most Recognizable Franchise

The $1.5 billion investment from Disney makes a Fortnite movie far more likely to happen. Video game movies have become increasingly popular over the years and with Fortnite being one of the biggest games to be released in the last decade, it seems all but guaranteed that Disney would be interested in a Fortnite movie. The Super Mario Bros. Movie highlighted that gaming franchises with global popularity will perform well at the box office, and Fortnite seems like it will be no different. Having amassed over 500 million players, the game is certainly big enough to draw a cinematic audience.

Fortnite is also Epic Games’ biggest IP and the game alone is worth billions. The game’s popularity and worldwide audience make it an obvious choice for Disney to turn into a movie now that they have a closer relationship with Epic Games. Fortnite already has plenty of Marvel skins in the game, along with Star Wars, Family Guy, and several other Disney-owned properties. These collaborations proved that the companies were open to working with each other, meaning the investment may lead to something even bigger. A Fortnite movie would be the next logical step and has plenty of potential.

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Why A Fortnite Movie Will Work Despite The Game’s Lack Of Story

There Are Plenty Of Ways To Make A Fortnite Movie Work

Although Fortnite doesn’t have much of a cohesive story, a movie adaptation could still work. With Fortnite being a multiplayer with a battle royale format, the game is best known for its fun combat and unique weapons. There is still some story through cutscenes introduced with each new season, but the overall narrative of Fortnite is hard to follow. However, there are still plenty of interesting quirks that make a Fortnite movie a great idea. While the movie can utilize the franchise’s popular characters like Jonesy and Peely, it could also include a whole host of Disney characters.

With so many Disney-owned characters in the game, a Fortnite movie could have several fun cameos. Having superheroes appear alongside classic Disney or Pixar characters would be a fun way to spice up the film. The game already has some big actors involved, with The Rock, Brie Larson, and Troy Baker all voicing Fortnite characters, highlighting the star power associated with the franchise. Given the names that are part of the Minecraft movie’s cast, actors are more interested in video game movies than ever, proving Fortnite could easily assemble even more stars and become a huge financial success.

2026 Can Give Disney Its Biggest Box Office Haul In Decades

With Disney announcing some major upcoming movie sequels, 2026 has the potential to be the company’s biggest box office haul in a long time.

How Big Would A Fortnite Movie Be?

A Fortnite Movie Has Unlimited Potential

Fortnite characters with bags of money

Investing in Epic Games was obviously a calculated decision by Disney, and the potential of a Fortnite movie proves it. Few games have had the level of impact that Fortnite has had. It is by far one of the biggest video games of all time, and the brand name alone will have all different demographics seated at the cinemas. Adapting Fortnite into a movie could have a similar trajectory to The Lego Movie, which was an unexpected hit. There was no clear indication as to what the story would be, yet it thrived using the creativity that Lego allows.

Fortnite can follow in the same footsteps. Using its massive name and creative elements, a Fortnite movie could be funny, charming, and genuinely unique. It would also be marketable, with the brand having so much exposure. Fortnite could advertise through the game while also releasing merchandise and collaborating with Disney to make the movie even bigger. Disney‘s 100th anniversary may have been disappointing, but starting 2024 with the Epic Games investment is great for their future. It shows Disney has a solid plan and gives them the potential to make one of the biggest video game adaptations of all time.

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