Disney+ Finally Fixes A Problem That’s Existed Ever Since It Launched 5 Years Ago

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  • Disney+ has seen a decline in subscribers after raising its prices, but the success of
    Percy Jackson
    ‘s adaptation is a promising sign for the streaming platform’s future.
  • Disney+ is expanding its offerings beyond just Marvel and
    Star Wars
    content in order to appeal to a wider audience and sustain its subscriber count.
  • Percy Jackson
    ‘s books provide Disney+ with a wealth of content to adapt, potentially giving the streaming platform a long-lasting and successful franchise.



Disney+ has finally fixed a problem that’s existed since the streaming platform launched five years ago, and it could benefit its subscriber numbers in the future. Disney had several exciting announcements in store during its Q1 earnings call, including the news that Moana 2 would be arriving in 2024. However, the company also revealed that Disney+ lost over a million subscribers since raising its prices, a worrying sign for the streamer.

Fortunately, it seems like Disney is solving one major problem with its streaming service, and that could boost its subscriber count. For years, Disney+ has been associated with a specific type of content. The success of its latest project means it’s expanding offerings and trying to appeal to a wider audience — two necessary feats in the current streaming landscape.

Percy Jackson’s Success Means Disney+ No Longer Has To Rely On Just The MCU & Star Wars

During its earnings call, Disney announced that Percy Jackson & the Olympians has been renewed for season 2, a promising sign for the company’s streaming future. Prior to the adaptation of Rick Riordan’s books, Disney+ was mostly known for its Marvel and Star Wars offerings. The streamer serves as a hub for the movies within both franchises, and it regularly releases new TV shows within the Marvel and Star Wars universes. While hits like The Mandalorian and Loki have been good for Disney+, it can’t rely on two franchises alone.

For one, not all subscribers are interested in Marvel and Star Wars content, and Disney+ has been alienating those wanting to see other projects. Additionally, both Marvel and Star Wars have seen less traction in recent years. Disney even revealed its plan to cut back on Marvel releases, which means it will need other shows and movies to sustain Disney+. Fortunately, Percy Jackson‘s renewal bodes well for the streamer’s future. The series has great franchise potential, making it a promising kicking off point for the platform’s expansion.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians
season 1 is currently streaming on Disney+.

Percy Jackson Already Gives Disney+ More Than A Decade’s Worth Of Stories To Adapt In The Future

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While Disney+ has introduced other original shows in the past, Percy Jackson & the Olympians is uniquely well suited to become its next big franchise. For one, Riordan’s best-selling books already have a massive fan base that’s eager for a more faithful adaptation. But the Percy Jackson books also offer plenty of content to adapt, meaning Disney+ has more than a decade’s worth of stories to tell in this universe. The original story alone spans five books — or five seasons — and that’s not to mention Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus sequel series and spinoffs. Needless to say, Percy Jackson & the Olympians can give Disney+ a bright future.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Poster
Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Based on the novel series by Rick Riordan Percy Jackson & the Olympians is an action-adventure fantasy television series created for Disney+. When Percy Jackson is framed for the theft of Zeus’ almighty thunderbolt, Percy must clear his name, all while harnessing the powers inherited by his father, Poseidon, at a camp created for demi-gods.

Walker Scobell , Leah Sava Jeffries , Aryan Simhadri , Jason Mantzoukas , Megan Mullally , Glynn Turman , Adam Copeland , Virginia Kull , Lance Reddick


Rick Riordan , Jonathan E. Steinberg

James Bobin , Anders Engström

Jonathan E. Steinberg , Dan Shotz

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