Director Calls Out Trivikram’s Blunder

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Film director SV Krishna Reddy had a string of successes in the 90s with family-friendly comedies. What’s interesting is that while he made hit movies with comedians as the lead, his films featuring big stars didn’t fare as well. In a recent interview on a YouTube channel, SV Krishna Reddy explained why his films with top heroes failed.

He directed Balakrishna in “Top Hero” and Nagarjuna in “Vajram,” both of which were commercial failures, he admitted. He attributed this to making films solely to fit the hero’s image, rather than focusing on a solid script.

“When a film is tailored to the hero’s image rather than a strong storyline, it’s likely to flop,” he emphasized.

SV Krishna Reddy also criticized Trivikram for his lackluster work in the latest film “Guntur Kaaram,” a film made to capitalize on Mahesh Babu’s popularity. He stressed the importance of prioritizing storytelling and a good script over pandering to a hero’s persona.

“Never create a film solely to please the hero. Believe in the strength of storytelling and a solid script. That’s why my film ‘Yama Leela’ became such a hit,” SV Krishna Reddy concluded.

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