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Sports biggest night is Da Movies …maybe third biggest night? Super Bowl Sunday is known for ads, wings, ads, Taylor Swift, discourse, and also ads! Beyond the normal ads for things like taxes, peanuts, cars, and tax-exempt biodiesel cars that run on peanut oil, there were trailers galore. We got big trailers for all the big franchises — including Deadpool 3, Wicked 1, A Quiet Place: Day One (which confusingly is 3), and Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (Ape 4 or 10 depending, on how you’re counting. Watch them all below.

Wade Wilson is back and being meta as hell. Also making pegging jokes (Guess there’s a reason Disney only paid for the teaser to air during the game.) Matthew MacFadyen leads a newer, redder TVA, which recruits Deadpool into the MCU. Which Wilson knows is a cinematic universe. Do you get it? Feels like you don’t get it. Deadpool 3 drops July 26.

We got our first (official) listen to Cynthia Erivo’s take on “Defying Gravity” in this trailer for Wicked (part 1). We don’t see Erivo sing, however, so this trailer still kinda falls into the “musical trailers that hide that it’s a musical” trope. Meet the wizard November 27.

Lupita Nyongo stars in this Quiet Place prequel. We get to see how the world learned the rules that kept John Krasinski’s family safe. Until they didn’t. Coming to theaters June 28.

Apes rule, people drool.

Glen Powell enters the Universal Studios boardroom. Writes “Twister” on a white board. Adds an “S” Puts a line through the S to make it “Twister$.” The room erupts in applause.

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