Captain America 4 Star Claims Harrison Ford Was ‘Spicy’ During Filming

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Captain America: Brave New World star Danny Ramirez reveals Harrison Ford was a “spicy” character on the set of the upcoming MCU movie.

Speaking with, Ramirez, who plays Joaquin Torres/Falcon in the Captain America sequel, delved into Ford’s behind-the-scenes behavior during principal photography for the upcoming movie. Ramirez insisted Ford was “an unbelievable professional” during filming, but said the acting legend liked to have his share of fun too, making him an endearing character to his castmates. “If anyone’s spicy, it’s that man. He shows up. He’s an unbelievable professional. He’s obviously a legend, but he allows everyone to be themselves near him. He cracks jokes whenever he’s at. He’s attuned to the room, so he knows when to crack a joke.”

Captain America 4 Star Anthony Mackie Says Filming with Harrison Ford Was ‘Surreal’

Anthony Mackie describes working with Harrison Ford as “surreal” and praises the veteran actor’s light-hearted and enthusiastic approach to the MCU.

Ford is known for his penchant for ribbing his co-stars on set, as detailed by fellow Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny star Mads Mikkelsen during a recent interview. According to Ramirez, Ford’s sense of humor helped ease tensions for everyone involved in making Brave New World. For Ford, Brave New World marks his anticipated MCU debut as Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross, with the 81-year-old taking over the role from the late William Hurt. Ford cited his desire to do something fun and outside his comfort zone as reasons why he opted to join the MCU. Ford, who’s expected to reprise his role in Thunderbolts, has also been rumored to play Thaddeus’ Red Hulk alter-ego in the MCU, though he’s played coy about that possibility.

Ramirez will be making his MCU film debut as Joaquin in Brave New World, having previously played the character in the Disney+ miniseries, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Ramirez is also known for his role as Lt. Mickey “Fanboy” Garcia in the Oscar-winning film, Top Gun: Maverick, and has also featured in Tales of the Walking Dead.

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Brave New World stars Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson’s Captain America alongside Carl Lumbly (Isaiah Bradley), Tim Blake Nelson (Samuel Sterns/Leader) and Liv Tyler (Betty Ross). The film was initially set to debut this year after completing filming last June but was pushed back to next year amid rewrites and planned reshoots that are set to take place between May and August 2024. The Captain America sequel will be the final Phase Five MCU title.

Brave New World opens in theaters on Feb. 14, 2025.


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