Can ‘Eagle’ Actress Wow Youth Audiences?

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In Ravi Teja’s latest action thriller, “Eagle,” Anupama Parameswaran takes on the role of a journalist who unravels the hero’s past, sporting an authentic, subdued look suited for her character. Her portrayal completely lacks all the glitz and glamour of a Telugu movie heroine.

In contrast, in Siddhu Jonnalagadda’s “Tillu Square,” Anupama is all set to surprise audiences by embodying a seductive and titillating heroine who is expected to make the youth audience go crazy for her in the theaters.

This topic has again come into the limelight after the release of Eagle where she is seen in a completely de-glam look. People are wondering if is she the same Anupama who is going to play the role of a seductive character in Tillu Square as it is difficult to visualize Anupama in such a role after seeing her in Eagle.

It remains to be seen how the audience will receive Anupama in Tillu Square after witnessing her in a completely understated and unglamorous avatar in Eagle.

As of now, the promos give us a hint that haven’t made a wrong decision as Anupama looks quite alluring and tantalizing in Tillu Square.

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