BMW Takes on Volkswagen in the Race for Next-Level EV Batteries

BMW Takes on Volkswagen in the Race for Next-Level EV Batteries

BMW Takes on Volkswagen

Electric vehicles (EVs) have revolutionized the automotive industry, prompting major car manufacturers to shift towards more eco-friendly technology. BMW is the latest to make significant strides in this field, announcing plans to develop a prototype of a solid-state battery car by 2025.

BMW’s Bold Move Towards Solid-State Batteries

This announcement positions BMW alongside other automotive giants like Volkswagen and Toyota in the race to enhance EV technology. Solid-state batteries are seen as the next big advancement in EV power sources, offering substantial improvements over the current lithium-ion batteries.

The Promise of Solid-State Technology

Most of today’s EVs utilize lithium-ion batteries, which contain a liquid electrolyte between the anode and cathode. Solid-state batteries, however, replace this liquid with a solid material, leading to enhanced performance and safety. According to BMW’s development chief, Frank Weber, the company aims to have an automotive-grade solid-state battery ready for its car series by the end of the decade.

Advantages of Solid-State Batteries

Solid-state batteries offer several key benefits:

  1. Increased Range: They can provide more energy density, potentially extending the driving range of EVs.
  2. Faster Charging: These batteries can significantly reduce charging times.
  3. Improved Safety: By eliminating the liquid electrolyte, solid-state batteries reduce the risk of fires.

Cecilia L’Ecluse, a BNEF energy storage analyst, emphasized the importance of these advancements, noting that solid-state batteries could greatly enhance EV performance while lowering costs as the technology scales up.

Volkswagen and Toyota’s Efforts

Earlier this year, Volkswagen also announced its efforts to develop solid-state batteries. The company highlighted that these batteries would not only be cheaper to produce but also enable faster charging times. Toyota is similarly progressing in this area, aiming to test solid-state batteries in its upcoming concept cars.


BMW’s commitment to solid-state battery technology marks a significant step in the evolution of electric vehicles. As competition intensifies among major car manufacturers, advancements in battery technology are expected to drive the next generation of EVs, offering consumers better performance, safety, and efficiency. This technological race underscores the automotive industry’s broader shift towards sustainable and innovative solutions for the future.

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