Beyoncé Tries To Break Verizon In Super Bowl Commercial, Turns Into ‘BarBey’ & Teases New Country Music Album

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Beyoncé attempted to break the Verizon network in a Super Bowl LVIII commercial and teased new music.

In the spot, the “Break My Soul” singer tried different ways to overload Verizon’s wireless network by opening a Lemonade stand, dropping new music playing the saxophone, becoming a gamer, introducing an A.I. version of herself and channeling Barbie turning into “BarBey.”

Beyoncé also tries to break the internet by announcing her candidacy as “Beyoncé of the United States,” and going into space to perform.

However, none of Beyoncé’s attempts broke Verizon with the singer saying, “You ain’t gonna break me.”

At the end, Beyoncé teased, “OK, they ready. Drop the new music.”

Over on Beyoncé’s socials, the singer shared a video teasing new country music, including the first single, “Texas! Hold ’em.” The album is set to drop March 29.

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