Below Deck’s Chef Anthony Risks Ruining Crew Tip After Charter Guests Make Huge Complaint

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  • Chef Anthony takes a risk by prioritizing the quality of his dishes over timeliness, but his confidence and skill pay off when guests praise his food.
  • Stewardess Barbie keeps her promise not to hook up on the yacht, despite Deckhand Kyle’s interest in her.
  • The ongoing industry strikes have led to an increase in reality TV viewing, making Below Deck a popular choice for entertainment.



Anthony Iracane from Below Deck takes a big risk while cooking for his first major charter. The Bravo series always kicks off with tough charters and challenges for chefs. The show allowed French cook Anthony to showcase his skills and culinary expertise this year. Like most of the Below Deck season 11 crew, the Fort Lauderdale resident is fairly new to the show. He also has short experience in the culinary line, with only four years in the yachting industry. The young Below Deck Chef considers his whole crew his family and believes in never giving up.

Recently, Bravo shared a sneak peek of Below Deck season 11, episode 2. The clip showed Chef Anthony facing a situation as charter guests complained about the lack of food at the table. One of the guests says, “like, it’s getting a little annoying.” The scene then shows Chef Anthony preparing an exotic dish, Tomahawk Steak, for his guests and taking extra time to complete his masterpiece, Poached Pear.

He tells the cameras, “there’s nothing worse than someone yapping at you to get your job done sooner.” The next scene cuts to him delivering the dish to guests and getting a compliment. Anthony says, “I gotta work on my timing situation, but love takes time.”

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Barbie Is “Absolutely Not” Hook Up With Kyle

Below Deck season 11 star Barbie Pascual

The sneak peek also offers a brief look into romances. A scene shows the primary guests hooking up in the hot tub and Stewardess Barbie Pascual walking away before things get steamy. She tells the cameras, “I promised my dad I wasn’t going to hook up on St. David, and I promised myself I wasn’t going to hook up on St. David, So I’m not hooking up on St. David.” One of the producers then asks Barbie what she thinks of her Deckhand friend, Kyle Stillie, which makes her cringe. She says, “no, absolutely not hooking up with Kyle.” Meanwhile, another scene shows Kyle fantasizing about Barbie. He boldly states, “Barbie’s sexy, she’s hot.”

It’s understandable why Barbie doesn’t want to hook up with Kyle because of her promises. She’s also right in not wanting to pursue Kyle because he’s just not her type. Humorously, Kyle is sailing on a completely different boat of thought. He’s crushing on the young Stew and made a full mental picture of seeing himself hooking up with her. The future episodes may show Kyle pursuing Barbie and doing something stupid. He does seem like a guy who doesn’t take no for an answer. It’ll be interesting to see if Barbie eventually falls for him, like other unexpected Below Deck romances from the past.

As for Chef Anthony, it was amateur of him to risk offending the guests. He was on the verge of ruining the crew tip but managed to save the day with his skills. His decision to take more time was silly. However, his confidence in himself was commendable. Mostly, Below Deck chefs break down under stress and make mistakes while rushing the food to the table. However, Anthony didn’t let the ticking clock bother him. He made love with his food, and it eventually paid off when guests praised him. Anthony likely didn’t jeopardize the charter tip. If anything, he raised the chances of receiving a bigger tip on this season of Below Deck.

Below Deck

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Below Deck is a Reality television series and franchise that has seen many spinoffs since its creation in 2013. The original series follows the lives of a crew that lives on a Superyacht called Honor and chronicles their experiences during “charter season.”

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