5 How To Train Your Dragon Scenes We Can’t Wait To See In Live-Action

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  • Live-action How to Train Your Dragon captures the beloved animation’s heartwarming moments, like Hiccup and Toothless’ first flight, with real actors and awe-inspiring scenery.
  • The climactic battle with the Red Death Dragon will be even more intense in the live-action adaptation, leveraging modern visual effects and gritty realism to elevate the stakes and emotional impact.
  • The poignant ending of the film, with Hiccup uniting Vikings and dragons, symbolizes unity and acceptance, making it a fitting inclusion in the live-action adaptation that reinforces the story’s enduring impact.



As a live-action adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon unfolds, anticipation builds for its translation of the beloved animated tale. Renowned for its humor, fantasy elements, and touching emotional resonance, the film holds a special place in Dreamworks’ catalog. Originally slated for filming to commence in June 2023 with a premiere set for March 2025, delays due to industry strikes have pushed the release back to June 13, 2025. Nonetheless, fans eagerly await updates on which beloved character moments will be included.

The heartwarming story of Hiccup, a unique Viking, forming an unlikely friendship with dragons has captured the imaginations of many. Scenes like Hiccup crafting a new tail for Toothless, enabling their journey of literal and metaphorical flight, are poised to impress with advancements in cinematic technology. Through these emotional beats, it will be easy to connect deeply with the characters, ensuring that the live-action adaptation respects and enhances the beloved animation’s legacy. As the film’s production progresses, audiences remain eager to witness the magic of How to Train Your Dragon come to life on the big screen.

5 Astrid and Hiccup’s Romantic Flight

A pivotal, heartwarming moment

When Astrid discovers Hiccup’s friendship with a dragon, he attempts to persuade her of their benevolence by inviting her on a gentle flight aboard Toothless. However, the flight turns into a thrilling adventure, almost endangering their lives before seamlessly gliding through the clouds to John Powell’s mesmerizing score. This scene epitomizes a central theme of the franchise: the exhilaration of flight. Translating it into live-action opens up new dramatic and technical possibilities. Fluid movements of computer-generated dragons and landscapes could be complemented by dynamic camera work and drone shots.

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Instead of animation, the awe-inspiring scenery and emotional connections between characters will feel authentically real with live actors. Additionally, hearing Powell’s iconic score in theaters will evoke literal chills. Experiencing this iconic scene with real people, perfectly crafted dragons, and shots of breathtaking environments promises to ignite the imagination, transporting viewers alongside them. This pivotal scene embodies the thematic essence and technical achievements vital to the spirit of How to Train Your Dragon, providing compelling reasons for its inclusion in the live-action adaptation.

4 The Beginning of Hiccup and Toothless’ Friendship

An iconic scene that sets the story in motion

HIccup giving Toothless a fish in How to Train Your Dragon

In this iconic scene, scrawny Viking Hiccup encounters an injured Night Fury, marking the beginning of their profound cross-species bond. At first, Hiccup’s attempts to connect with Toothless are tentative, as the dragon initially refuses his advances. However, when Hiccup grabs a stick and starts doodling in the dirt, Toothless’ curiosity is piqued. The dragon picks up his own stick and joins in, culminating in a moment of trust as Hiccup gently touches Toothless’ nose.

This wordless sequence, accompanied only by a swelling score, captures their pivotal first connection. Bringing this scene to life with a real child actor and a CGI dragon will add emotional authenticity. Witnessing Hiccup’s wonder as Toothless responds will be truly magical. Filming against the sweeping landscapes will further immerse viewers in the majestic world that brought these two unlikely friends together. While some think a live-action How to Train Your Dragon is a bad idea, this scene is integral to translating the story’s emotional depth to the live-action realm.

3 The Red Death

The film’s climax will look great live

Red Death Dragon blowing fire in How to Train Your Dragon

The climactic showdown with the villainous Red Death Dragon stands as the pinnacle of action in the first film. As the battle wreaks havoc on the dragon nest, the vengeful Red Death emerges, breathing fire and threatening to destroy all of Berk. While the other young dragon riders provide aerial cover, Hiccup’s reunion with Toothless allows them to unite against the greater threat. Their coordinated aerial maneuvers, luring Red Death upward before launching a blistering attack, showcase the formidable power of a trained dragon and its rider working in harmony.

This demonstration of their bond reaching its full potential underscores the central theme of How To Train Your Dragon. By utilizing the imposing scale of the setting and modern visual effects to recreate iconic moments, such as Toothless’ last-second dive to rescue a falling Hiccup, the live-action adaptation has the potential to elevate the stakes of the battle in a grittier and more perilous manner, enhancing the legendary clash between the underdog heroes and their formidable adversary. Through these enhancements, the adaptation could further intensify the emotional impact of the story, elevating the thrilling narrative and heightening its impact.

2 “We Have Dragons!”

A perfect ending to a perfect film

Hiccup, Toothless and other dragons flying through the sky in How to Train Your Dragon

As Hiccup wakes from a coma, grappling with the loss of a limb, but witnessing Vikings and dragons coexisting peacefully, the film’s core message becomes evident. Adapting to his new reality, Hiccup receives a custom saddle design from Gobber, signifying his acceptance within the enlightened tribe. Joined by his friends for a liberating test flight, Hiccup reflects on the transformative journey that led to this hard-won unity in a poignant closing monologue. The imagery of riders and dragons soaring together symbolizes bonds forged through understanding, overcoming prejudice.

This climactic moment is a beautiful moment in How to Train Your Dragon, displaying unity through recognizing common ground. Translating this powerful metaphor into photorealistic scenes underscores the timeless significance of the story. As Hiccup and Toothless glide into the golden sunset, themes of respect prevailing over preconceptions come full circle, offering a deeply satisfying conclusion that resonates. While there are challenges a live-action adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon must overcome, this earned finale stands as a fitting inclusion, solidifying the film’s enduring impact.

1 The First Flight

A scene that highlights overcoming challenges

Toothless looking at his new tail in How to Train Your Dragon

The pivotal scene in How to Train Your Dragon where Hiccup earns Toothless’ trust and builds him a new tail fin is a standout moment that perfectly captures the essence of their bond. This scene is not only iconic, but also embodies the heart and soul of the film. As Toothless learns to trust Hiccup again, their friendship deepens in a visually stunning sequence. The combination of action and serene flight scenes against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes creates a truly mesmerizing experience.

Moreover, this scene symbolizes overcoming challenges and achieving newfound freedom, as Toothless regains his ability to fly and Hiccup learns to ride him. The emotional resonance of this moment elevates it to a cinematic masterpiece. In the live-action adaptation, seeing this scene brought to life with photorealistic visuals and immersive cinematography promises to evoke the same sense of wonder and awe. It’s a pivotal moment in the story that encapsulates the heart and soul of How to Train Your Dragon, making it a must-see in the live-action version.

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How to Train Your Dragon (2025)

How to Train Your Dragon is a live-action adaptation of the 2010 film of the same name. Co-director of the first film, Dead DeBlois, is returning to direct the live-action treatment, with Nico Parker starring as Astrid and Mason Thames as Hiccup.

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June 13, 2025

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