10 Most Skilled Kingsman Agents, Ranked Least To Most Deadly

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  • Percival, though talented, is tragically killed before proving his abilities as a Kingsman agent.
  • Arthur betrays his organization and is responsible for the deaths of multiple agents.
  • Eggsy, with his intellect, combat skills, and ingenuity, becomes one of the best agents and leaders of the Kingsman.



The Kingsman movies introduce several elite gentlemen spies capable of stopping major threats and saving the world, but there can only be one best agent. Matthew Vaughn’s alternative history franchise follows the fictional secret agency, Kingsman. The action comedy films are colorful, chaotic, full of energy and engaging throughout, revolving around the juxtaposition of British upper-class society, as an underground spy agency that uses its wealth to stop apocalyptic threats.

The series is based on comics created by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons for Marvel Comics in 2012. With the first film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, being released a short time later in 2014, as developed by Matthew Vaughn and Millar in collaboration. The series has gone on to feature several talented spies, who are skilled and lethal fighters, as well as high-class gents who always seek to follow proper etiquette. However, some agents are more qualified and able than others.

10 Percival

Played By Alastair Macintosh

Percival only appears briefly in the series, but he is revealed as the agent who put forward Roxy to become the next Lancelot. Percival, like all the Kingsman, is a talented agent. However, in the short time that he appears, he does not have much opportunity to prove his skills before being tragically killed along with all the other agents in the missile attacks sent out by Poppy Adams. His ranking is partially due to the fact of simply not seeing enough of his character to properly define his ability.

9 Chester King AKA Arthur

Played By Michael Caine

michael caine as Arthur in Kingsman

Arthur is the leader of the Kingsman, but, as one of the most senior members of the team, he tends to direct missions and assign agents rather than getting his hands dirty. One thing which makes him more of a threat however, is the fact that he had betrayed his organization, and his actions directly led to the death of multiple agents. Arthur grew disillusioned with modern society, and along with Richmond Valentine, played by Samuel L. Jackson, he hoped to wipe out the majority of humankind and rebuild the world anew.

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8 Champagne

Played By Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges in Kingsman The Golden Circle

Champagne, commonly referred to as Champ, is the leader of the American branch of the Kingsman, referred to as the Statesman. In the few brief scenes where he appears, he shows a clear athletic aptitude and precise skill at throwing projectiles. Like Arthur, he appears to lead his group as the director rather than on the frontlines, but he also proves his clear talents and intellect in his interactions with Eggsy and Harry. Champ is clearly devoted to his team, the betterment of the world, fine drink, and he is a fine gentleman.

7 Hamish Mycroft AKA Merlin

Played By Mark Strong

Mark Strong as Merlin in Kingsman The Golden Circle

Hamish Mycroft, codename Merlin, was the technical expert of the Kingsman, and one of the primary recruiters for new candidates. Merlin is less of a field agent than many of his peers, and spends the majority of his time working from HQ, but he remains a formidable agent, who can easily knock out thugs half his age. Merlin also has inarguably the best death scene in the series, as he sings “Take Me Home (Country Roads)” to lure a group of guards before activating a mine and clearing a way for his allies to move forward.

6 Roxanne “Roxy” Morton AKA Lancelot

Played By Sophie Cookson

Roxy in Kingsman

Roxy was one of the most recently recruits, who earned her place among the Kingsman as the replacement for Agent Lancelot. During her training with Merlin, she repeatedly proved her combat skills, superior intellect and a willingness to put the Kingsman agency above her other motivations. When it came down to Eggsy and Roxy for the position of Lancelot, her willingness to act on command gave her the edge. However, when Eggsy was recruited to replace agent Galahad, and the agency was under attack in The Golden Circle, Roxy met a swift end just like most of her peers.

5 Jack Daniels AKA Whiskey

Played By Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal in Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Jack Daniels (Pedro Pascal) is a top agent at the Statesman agency. He is proficient with a lasso, and a whip, but he is extensively skilled in many forms of combat. However, while Whiskey rose through the ranks of the Statesman, it appears he had ulterior motives from early on, and he turned against his team in order to aid Poppy Adams in her efforts to change the drug market. Whiskey lost his wife and unborn child due to a drug-related incident, and developed a hatred for drugs, and anyone who uses them ever since.

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4 James Spencer AKA Lancelot

Played By Jack Davenport

james spencer agent lancelot in Kingsman The Secret Service

James Spencer was one of the two finalists competing for the position as Lancelot, when his last remaining rival sacrificed his life to save him, Harry Hart, and Merlin. As the only surviving candidate, he was awarded the title, but he clearly earned the position as well. Years later, Spencer was regularly assigned to solo missions, and like his colleagues, he carried them out without a hitch. However, he met his match when fighting a woman known as Gazelle. Spencer’s 17 years of service prove his abilities, but he was unable to react quickly enough to survive Gazelle’s fatal strike.

3 Gary “Eggsy” Unwin AKA Galahad

Played By Taron Egerton

Eggsy (Taron Egerton) grew up without a father when his dad, Lee Unwin sacrificed himself to protect the men he was working alongside in the Kingsman. As a result, Eggsy didn’t always meet his potential and had a challenging start, but despite setbacks, he possessed enormous talents and a drive to work hard for what he wanted. When Harry tipped him as his pick for the next Lancelot recruit, Eggsy did well in almost every task. However, he lost out on the top spot when he refused to shoot his dog as part of the final test.

Despite this, when Harry was presumed dead, Eggsy came to the Kingsman to aid them in taking down Valentine, and he was ultimately the man who overpowered Gazelle. He then joined the team as Harry’s replacement, Galahad. In the sequel, Eggsy goes on to show how much he has grown and thrived as a member of the Kingsman. His intellect, prowess in combat, and ingenuity make him an extraordinary agent who always manages to come out on top.

2 Tequila

Played By Channing Tatum

Tequila surrounded by barrels of whiskey in Kingsman 2.

Tequila, played by Channing Tatum, is proof that the Statesman deserve just as much respect and consideration as the Kingsman. When Eggsy and Merlin travel to America to seek help from the sister agency, they first encounter agent Tequila. As they attempted to brute force their way into whatever secret headquarters existed, Tequila found them and didn’t trust their story about being members of the Kingsman group. With considerable ease, Tequila quickly knocked Merlin unconscious, and in a one on one fight against Eggsy and his high-tech gadgets, Tequila quickly got the upper hand and used his technology against him.

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Eventually, Eggsy and Merlin do prove they hail from the Kingsman and all of their other associates are dispatched. Tequila then serves as a powerful ally, supporting them in their efforts to take down Poppy Adams. Once the mission is complete, and Eggsy intends to return to London with the restored Harry, Tequila chooses to go back with them and train as part of the Kingsman, to help rebuild the organization from scratch.

1 Harry Hart Formerly AKA Galahad

Played By Colin Firth

Harry Hart, played by Colin Firth, appears to be one of the most senior and elite members of the Kingsman during the first film. Back when Eggsy’s father was attempting to join the team, Harry was already a trusted member helping to train the newcomers. Years later, he grew up as a seasoned veteran of the agency and, he continued to consistently work in the field. Harry is unique from many of the other Kingsman as he has a grasp on the changes taking place in the world and hoped to see the agency move past the snobbery that pervaded it.

Harry is remarkably skilled at fighting, and when caught in a church, surrounded by people being manipulated to attack and turn feral, Harry was able to come out on top despite the crowd. Harry has also evaded death on occasion, and even with the loss of an eye, he was able to regain his skills and coordination, proving his extraordinary talents. When the Kingsman organization was almost completely destroyed, Harry stepped up as the new leader, adopting the name of Arthur and preserving the future of the Kingsman franchise.

Kingsman The Secret Service
Kingsman: The Secret Service

Based on the comic book series of the same name, Kingsman: The Secret Service tells the story of rebellious teen Eggsy (Taron Egerton) as he’s inducted into a top-secret spy agency by a man codenamed Galahad (Colin Firth). After learning that billionaire Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) plans to destroy the world, Eggsy and Galahad set out to avert international disaster and uncover widespread corruption that threatens to consume the Kingsman agency itself. 

Release Date
February 13, 2015

Matthew Vaughn

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Matthew Vaughn , Jane Goldman

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20th Century

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